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Cory Varney  photo
I write science-fiction i am only 14 years old, but numerous amounts of my scripts have been performed at my school. I have been told I have a lot of talent and my english teachers say they can see me writing for television in the future.
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Siam Miller Athenaz (Avusy) 
I was born in the southern half of the world during times of relative innocence (or are my memories blurred with nostalgia?) with my head upside down and trying to find my roots. I lived like an ostrich for many years not realising that when I finally emerged I might only end up with a big splash of...
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Kat Ss Geneva 
i first got interested in writing when i was 11 and came third in a poetry competition at my school and i never stopped. Ever since i've been writing poetry and short stories, i wrote a couple stories for a anime episode, but they were just for fun and didn't make it anywhere but a fan site. i was...
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Richard Bunning Chatillens 
I am one of the, according to one site many thousands of, would be authors with a good first book of fiction. Perhaps it is too easy to write, and too hard to find a real literary agent who has a second to spare. Do all good agents get flooded with thousands and thousands of scripts unless they reje...
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Carolina Mangiavacchi Noiraigue 
I am a Swiss/Italian citizen, currently living in Switzerland. I have moved around quite a bit in my life, so I can fluently speak and write in English, Spanish, French and Italian. My writing experience is long; I have been writing all my life and in recent years mostly papers, seminars and a memoi...
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Isis Fross Bern 
I am a single mom by choice and my passion for reading led to writing, essays, articles on wikihow and now a manuscript that is part autobiographical and part fiction. My country for the past 20 years has been Switzerland but I have lived in different places and speak French, Spanish, Portuguese, I...
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Howard Burman St. Gallen 
I am a published and produced playwright, now living in Leissigen, Switzerland where I am at work on my seventh novel.
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Mae Tindell Lachen (8853) 
I am a first time author, currently un-published but have only been trying for a year. I write novels for the middle grade - young adult market. I live in Switzerland with my husband and our three children, but I am from Kent in England. My dream is to see my books on the shelves alongside all ot...
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Swiss Guy  
I am a dual Swiss/USA citizen. Have contributed to several anthologies and had a bestseller in my adopted country of Switzerland(in German). I am a graduate of Harvard Divinity School and a former minister.
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Max Soldo Solothurn 
I am a Canadian currently living in Solothurn, Switzerland. My interests include geopolitics, culture (whether high or pop), and organized crime. I am a freelance writer who has taken an interest in Switzerland for several reasons: 1. The Swiss political system 2. The large foreign worker ...
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