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M.R. Bobowski  
I'm still working on the fabulousness that will be my bio.
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Fredrik Zander  
I'm not a native English speaker and as such I'm only self published although recently some of my shorter materials have been accepted for publication. To me writing is both a craft and a learning process. What makes it so special as a craft would be that the tools are in one's head; I try to ex...
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Jennifer Wenn  
I'm a mother of four, struggling to find time to write between motherhood and my day time job.
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Jean-Claude Malaguti  
I'm a copy-writer and an economist. I've created hundreds of ads and commercials. I've written many articles and a political essay. I've written material for my advertising students.
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Simon Jonsson Falköping 
I'm a 18 year old boy(yeah, thats right...) who live in Sweden. I usually spend my days playing and writing music. When I'm alone I either spend my time watching movies or writing them. I'm still new to it all and can't say I'm very good, but when the hell... It's fun so I'll keep at it.
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Carina P Halmstad 
I work full time as a medical doctor, I'm a mother of three, married, and have a huge house. I really shouldn't have time for writing... but I do. I sleep too little, snap at everyone around me, and write all the time I can steal from laundry, children (yes, I'm ashamed of that), cooking, lawn mowin...
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Johnny Johansson Halmstad 
I was born in Sweden in 1982. I attended comprehensive school at Österledskolan, after which I pursued my upper secondary studies at Sannarpsgymnasiet.
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Sofia Hellgren Ume 
I was born in Stockholm on Danderyd Hospital. I am 25 years old and have been writing since I was little. I love writing! I am published online. Will selfpublish at www.lulu.com and get an ISBN so it can be sold and borrowed at libraries and in bookstores.:) I write mostly gothic novels, am embarki...
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Ana Luisa Valdés 113 48 Stockholm 
I was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, in 1953. I spent four years in jail for political reasons and was deported to Sweden 1978. I live in Stockholm since then and I am now a professional writer and journalist, writing in Spanish and Swedish. I am also an social anthropologist.
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Albert Loren Svenljunga 
I was born in Gothenburg, Sweden 1945. After High school I made a pause in my education and spent a couple of years exploring the world as a young sailor. I happened to be in Los Angeles when President Kennedy was assassinated and shared the shock and the sorrow with the American people. I started w...
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