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Joan Gonzalez Felis Barcelona 
Periodista free-lance con base en Barcelona. Redactor profesional desde 1987 en diversos medios de comunicacion escrita. Escritor de biografias, relatos, guias especializadas... en castellano y catalan.
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Paul David Adkin Madrid 
Paul is a British born writer (Long Eaton, 1958) with a degree in Drama and English. He grew up in Melbourne, Australia and, after graduating in 1979, worked as a playwright, director and actor. He has been living in Madrid since 1986 and he runs his own theatre company. He has three published n...
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Pedro Guirao Barcelona 
Oh My God, mi primer libro de ficción trascendental, se haya expuesto a las miradas de todo el mundo en la dirección http://www.geocities.com/pedro_guirao y en http://ohmygod.8m.net hasta que despierte el interés necesario en su publicación tradicional. Mientras tanto, convoco a todo aquel lector á...
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Ima Potter Montuiri 
Now a retired philosophy professor; been reading, writing and \'rithmeticing all my life. No novels published yet -- well, a couple self-published -- but have had articles and short stories published all over the place under a good variety of real and imagined pen names. My first short stories ...
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Tom Hunn Estepona photo
Not A Bad Life: Author - Tom Hunn This is no book full of heroic acts and derring-do; rather it is the story of me and my families – the young boy’s family of a father, a mother and two siblings; a young married man and his young wife and young children; growing older with older children ...
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Willian Verde Peñiscola 
My name is Willian, I am a friendly guy, something cute and a good heart who likes to enjoy good food. I like sports and visit many places. I love to read and be informed of the latest news of internet, as my friends say: Im a geek. =) One of the places I visit often is the Mandarina Restaur...
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Hijab Minahil Logroño, Louisiana 
My name is Hijab Minahil. I am 18 years of age. I am a student of psychology. I am currently working on my first two books. Their genres are mystery and young adult. Right now, I am looking for a trustworthy publisher. I want to see my books on the shelves
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My name Ayarén Velazco Cascales, I am 20 years and I´m from Madrid (Spain). I'm a writer and screenwriter. AS WRITER: - In May 2008, the Mirror of Ink Publishing, I published a book called" Behind a Smile "and in it, I mean the very serious car accident that my mother and I suffered on Septe...
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Montserrat Costas Barcelona 
Montserrat Costas (Capellades, Barcelona, 1976) is a Catalan poet. Her works are plain and concise, full of humour and irony, and deal about contemporary subjects. Published books: L\\\'amplitud dels angles (2003), Híbrid (1999, with Jordi Condal) and Poesia egocèntrica (1996). www.montserratco...
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Miguel Angel Garcia-Sanchez  
Miguel Angel García- Sánchez , tireless traveler , self-taught freelance photographer and publisher of several online media is a freethinker and active intellectual agitator , which seeks to provoke through his work a deep reflection on man and society , denouncing in particular cynicism and hypoc...
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