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Paul David Adkin Madrid 
Paul is a British born writer (Long Eaton, 1958) with a degree in Drama and English. He grew up in Melbourne, Australia and, after graduating in 1979, worked as a playwright, director and actor. He has been living in Madrid since 1986 and he runs his own theatre company. He has three published n...
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Pedro Guirao Barcelona 
Oh My God, mi primer libro de ficción trascendental, se haya expuesto a las miradas de todo el mundo en la dirección http://www.geocities.com/pedro_guirao y en http://ohmygod.8m.net hasta que despierte el interés necesario en su publicación tradicional. Mientras tanto, convoco a todo aquel lector á...
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Ima Potter Montuiri 
Now a retired philosophy professor; been reading, writing and \'rithmeticing all my life. No novels published yet -- well, a couple self-published -- but have had articles and short stories published all over the place under a good variety of real and imagined pen names. My first short stories ...
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Tom Hunn Estepona photo
Not A Bad Life: Author - Tom Hunn This is no book full of heroic acts and derring-do; rather it is the story of me and my families – the young boy’s family of a father, a mother and two siblings; a young married man and his young wife and young children; growing older with older children ...
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Willian Verde Peñiscola 
My name is Willian, I am a friendly guy, something cute and a good heart who likes to enjoy good food. I like sports and visit many places. I love to read and be informed of the latest news of internet, as my friends say: Im a geek. =) One of the places I visit often is the Mandarina Restaur...
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Hijab Minahil Logroño, Louisiana 
My name is Hijab Minahil. I am 18 years of age. I am a student of psychology. I am currently working on my first two books. Their genres are mystery and young adult. Right now, I am looking for a trustworthy publisher. I want to see my books on the shelves
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My name Ayarén Velazco Cascales, I am 20 years and I´m from Madrid (Spain). I'm a writer and screenwriter. AS WRITER: - In May 2008, the Mirror of Ink Publishing, I published a book called" Behind a Smile "and in it, I mean the very serious car accident that my mother and I suffered on Septe...
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Montserrat Costas Barcelona 
Montserrat Costas (Capellades, Barcelona, 1976) is a Catalan poet. Her works are plain and concise, full of humour and irony, and deal about contemporary subjects. Published books: L\\\'amplitud dels angles (2003), Híbrid (1999, with Jordi Condal) and Poesia egocèntrica (1996). www.montserratco...
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Miguel Angel Garcia-Sanchez  
Miguel Angel García- Sánchez , tireless traveler , self-taught freelance photographer and publisher of several online media is a freethinker and active intellectual agitator , which seeks to provoke through his work a deep reflection on man and society , denouncing in particular cynicism and hypoc...
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Martin Cid Madrid 
Martín Cid was born in Oviedo (Spain), in 1976. He has publised two novels “Ariza” (2008, Alcalá Publishers) and “Un Siglo de Cenizas” (2009, Akron Publishers), and an essay “Propaganda, Mentiras y Montaje de Atracción” (editorial Akrón, 2010). He goes deeply into broken characters,...
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