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Abel  Mkhwanazi Pretoria 
i m a book by it self so what i type on my keyboard is what really i m containing.I dont have a talent in writting but it my calling because everytime i open my eyes and see light i see something to write about.When i close my eyes i also see somthin to write about.
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Hendrik Nel (Angel  Steyn Brakpan Gauteng 
I love writing my own ideas To can write is a talent you're born to do Mostly I write about what love is In poetry songs and stories but my goal is to do research in other countries to write stories that was never been told but first I need to write poems and songs to see what the world thinks about...
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Catherine Hellisen Primrose 
I live in Johannesburg, South Africa in a squat brown miner's house with my husband and daughter. I am the willing slave to a cluster of cats, and one lone hound. My mother taught me to read long before I started school, and this has made me unemployable.
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LS Hoffman  photo
I live in Cape Town, South Africa and am attending high school there. My writing is mainly fantasy/sci-fi. My goal is to be a published fantasy author by the age of 21.
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Tasneem Suleman Durban 
I like to think of myself as a know-it-all, i try to know a little about every topic i come across. It doesn't always work out that way however. So woe of woe's i've had to settle for creating a fantasy world. In this utopia in my mind, I reign supreme. "evil laughter" suuupreeeemee!!!!
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Gadifele Malebye Pretoria 
I know I can write, problem is I am still looking for someone who can spot my talent, I CAN WRITE about anything (except politics)you give anynithing and I know I won't disappoint you.
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Jabulani Ncongwane Germiston 
I haven't being published yet. I'm still looking for a publisher, I write poetry and short stories.
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Juanita Crawford Hibberdene 
I have written, edited and self-published 5 books of my own about the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. I have contributed writings to numerous other publications on the same subject. I am looking to expand into publications on all breeds of dogs.
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Alan Taylor Johannesburg 
i have written two books and looking for an agent for both. the first book refers to settling in africa frm the uk. entailing how my family and i coped with the changes of cultures in zambia, rhodesia, zimbabwe and finally south africa. the second book is fictional based on true happenings. journe...
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Judith Fairhurst Jooste Westonaria 
I have written in the past short Afrikaans stories, however since I started my degree in Ancient Near Eastern cultures, I decided to switch over to the international language. I am presently busy with a very open minded (not ridiculous) Christian Book, which deals with the periods of Fallen angel...
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