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Alfa Machethe Polokwane, British Columbia 
I machethe Alfa from Tzaneen schooled at Khesethwane high school working under Greater Tzaneen Municipality,the founder of Limpopo Writers Guild Academy in Limpopo province and best young writer in Limpopo sponsered by Mr Mathetha
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Abel  Mkhwanazi Pretoria 
i m a book by it self so what i type on my keyboard is what really i m containing.I dont have a talent in writting but it my calling because everytime i open my eyes and see light i see something to write about.When i close my eyes i also see somthin to write about.
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Hendrik Nel (Angel  Steyn Brakpan Gauteng 
I love writing my own ideas To can write is a talent you're born to do Mostly I write about what love is In poetry songs and stories but my goal is to do research in other countries to write stories that was never been told but first I need to write poems and songs to see what the world thinks about...
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Catherine Hellisen Primrose 
I live in Johannesburg, South Africa in a squat brown miner's house with my husband and daughter. I am the willing slave to a cluster of cats, and one lone hound. My mother taught me to read long before I started school, and this has made me unemployable.
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LS Hoffman  photo
I live in Cape Town, South Africa and am attending high school there. My writing is mainly fantasy/sci-fi. My goal is to be a published fantasy author by the age of 21.
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Tasneem Suleman Durban 
I like to think of myself as a know-it-all, i try to know a little about every topic i come across. It doesn't always work out that way however. So woe of woe's i've had to settle for creating a fantasy world. In this utopia in my mind, I reign supreme. "evil laughter" suuupreeeemee!!!!
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Gadifele Malebye Pretoria 
I know I can write, problem is I am still looking for someone who can spot my talent, I CAN WRITE about anything (except politics)you give anynithing and I know I won't disappoint you.
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Jabulani Ncongwane Germiston 
I haven't being published yet. I'm still looking for a publisher, I write poetry and short stories.
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Juanita Crawford Hibberdene 
I have written, edited and self-published 5 books of my own about the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. I have contributed writings to numerous other publications on the same subject. I am looking to expand into publications on all breeds of dogs.
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Alan Taylor Johannesburg 
i have written two books and looking for an agent for both. the first book refers to settling in africa frm the uk. entailing how my family and i coped with the changes of cultures in zambia, rhodesia, zimbabwe and finally south africa. the second book is fictional based on true happenings. journe...
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