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Rodrigo Meirelles Ceres 
I started writing at the age of 12 and found a true passion for it... At the age of 14 I started writing love poems and depressed ones too. I figured out that I trully don't know the meaning of love, so I stop working on them and starded doing poems about life and what awaits us. At first I thought ...
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Bob Turner Bethulie 
i started my working life as an agent for foreign firms,had my own agency business.then legislation pressured merchants to buy south african made my life difficult as i was in textiles(the rag trade). i then did the best thing possible i joined general motors south african, when they operated in por...
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Charlotte Firbank-King Port Elizabeth 
I spent my childhood in Livingstone Zambia (Then Northern Rhodesia) until I left to study art at Pretoria Art College. I started writing at a young age, but fifteen years ago I became more serious about the craft. I have a very successful art career, but writing has become an obsession that now cons...
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Kyle Morgan Pretoria 
I sometimes have to remind myself that there is such a thing as the "real" world.To me writing is 100% an art of bringing your imagination out into a form digestable by others.Camera,micro cassette recorder and a special notebook are my constant companions.I try and keep my style of writing as uniqu...
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Lee Johnson Gauteng 
I remember the first book I wrote, or should I say, attempted to write, was in my much younger years of about 6 years old. It was a cat and a mouse, much like Tom and Jerry really. Of course the imagination of a child so young can be incredible, so although I may not have written something that anyo...
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Luc Troy Schwaigele Strand 
I only want to write, I am not here to sell myself because that dear job will be left up to my agent. Keep me updated as to what happens in this tempestuous world. Thank you kindly.
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J V Z  
I might not have hard credentials, but I'm working towards earning them, and at least I have the pages to show for it. I am writing fantasy at the moment, but it's not the taditional dragons, elves and quests bullshit that everybody has seen enough of by now. I finally do have a finished book,...
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Jean-pierre Loxton Cape town 
I might be young but I really want to know how good I am. I'm eighteen years old and writing is my passion. I just want acknowledgement for what I can do.
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Thandi Makhubela  
i managed my own business for over 20yrs and have been a high school teacher for commercial subjects and english for 10yrs until end of 2009. Have a degree in communications and sociology, advanced diploma in marketing and a certificate in adult education. Have been writing from a young age without...
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