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Audrey Van Rensburg Johannesburg 
I'm someone who loves to write, always have from as far back as I remember. I have always been praised by various people for my exceptional verbal skills and have even been called a Word Warrior. I have had a dream to write children's stories for a very long time and have put pen to paper on vario...
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Emma Gold Pietermaritzburg photo
I'm relatively new to the writing scene, I don't have a agent or a publisher and the work that I have had published has either been on fictionpress.com or been published in my high school magazines... Ooh, I also can't forget the one newspaper article that I wrote and was published in my small town ...
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Annika Fuerst Randburg 
I'm quite a young writer, that is sort of just starting... Writing has been my passion since I was quite young and I have now decided to start makeing my dreams come true... I live in South Africa, was born in Germany, have Austrian citisenship ... I am a very passionate person with interests in ...
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Priscilla Melinda Visser Stellenbosch 
I'm Priscilla Melinda Visser from Stellenbosch, Cape Town South Africa. By day I'm an accountant and wife, happy mother of two living a pretty normal life. But after hours when the house is quiet I allow the words to transport me to my happy place. A place where I can be who ever I want to be. From ...
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Precious  Moleko Welkom 
I'm just a young lady who's just started writing a book on the experiences I've had so far.
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Lonwabo Rozani Cape town 
I'm interested in writing documentary like books which reveal truth about the past because I believe that the foundation of the present is the past so if only people could be able to know their history they will be able to survive in the present and also in the future because I believe that who we'r...
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Yusuf Shaik Centurion 
I'm an inventor, adventurer, jetsetter and full time certified engineer working in the technology field who has a passion for writing science fiction stories based on scientific probability.
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Doreen C. Mampani Johannesburg photo
I'm an author of a book entitled "Who Owns Your Soul". I was born in South Africa in Limpopo Province. The best thing that ever happened to me was to be saved by Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Since then life has a meaning. I experienced pain, hardship, near death experience, witchcraft and deliv...
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Dean Mogale Midrand 
I'm an aspiring writer in the process of wirtting my first book. Which seeks to highlight and adrress some social challanges today's faces especially when it comes to relationships. I've written songs for so many now but feel that it's not enough very constraining and limiting from a creativity poin...
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Raeez Jacobs Johannesburg 
I'm an 18 year old aspiring author studying towards my honours degree in creative writing at the university of the Witwatersrand (Wits) in Johannesburg, South Africa. I'm currently working on my first fantasy novel: The black Crystal: Chain of Destiny that will be part of the black crystal saga I'm ...
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