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Susie Spies  
Words have been my toys since I found out that I was allowed to play with them - as children my brother, sister and I had our biggest hidings for telling lies and since stories were untrue I thought telling a story was akin to telling a lie. When I was first asked to make up a story my imaginative ...
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Richard Farrell Umtentweni 
Words are static. Thoughts move mountains of emotions. Which would you rather pay for? Ideas that evoke the souls of men and women, or characters that fill a page? I am an experienced English speaking writer from South Africa with many happy clients in the United States, Canada, the UK, Europe, and ...
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Debbie Gademan  
Women read romance novels because it is an exciting way of escaping to another world and living another life for a few hours. My romance novel closes the gap between the world of fiction and reality. I have written an erotic romance novel which centers on the questions: Can you love again having ...
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Grace Thoso  
Woman of faith, Prophetess Motivational Speaker Philanthropist Owner of Tranquility Lifestyle And Adventure Tours Partner at Senatla Trading Married with two children Live in Welkom, South Africa
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Cheney Scott  
While I pretty much love all genres, romance of the naughty variety is definitely my niche. I freelance to eat but have no greater love than bringing to life the characters that won't stop talking to me-in my head mostly, but every now and then I answer out loud so my family all think I'm loopy. I a...
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Jaqueline Martinez Cape Town 
Where to from here? This is not a question I ask in desperation, rather I ask myself this question in anticipation of where this interesting, yet hectic, life of mine will take me next. I write. I stop. I live. I write. I fall in love. I stop. I live. I write. I travel. I write. I live. ...
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Jessie  Sutherland  
When Jessie left school, a teacher told her she would not get much further in life; she should marry and become a home-maker. Jessie had learning disabilities, years before it was realized a child was either stupid or lazy. She considered herself as both. “Thank you, M’am!” For the incentive. ...
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Rob Knowles Port Alfred photo
When I read of the desperately unhappy childhoods seemingly experienced by writers, I feel somewhat under-qualified. I wonder if this is what they draw upon for inspiration. My childhood, for the most part, was a happy one. My parents supported me in most things, although they drew the line when I b...
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Christian Exenberger Johannesburg 
What can be said about me that is of any value here? That I live an ordinary life on the outside, but live a hundred different ones in my head, the lives of a hundred characters, princes, space farers, warriors, lovers. Each life a story, each character with a tale, if only I had the time in my ordi...
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Charles Vermaak Pretoria south africa photo
well. I`m almost a published writer. May-hap you chaps up there should place another "tick box" for that. Ex-whenwee. Since `81 That part of my life is over now. All i care for is my family. A family man and the better for it. THOUGH at times i may chomp at the bit, the wife keeps me focuse...
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