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Maria cristina Sburlea  
I was not privileged but I was lucky enough to travel the world and who managed to immerse myself in many cultures which have taught me a lot. I love learning new information about basically everything but with an emphasis on human rights, history, the universe, multiculturalism. I am 25 years old, ...
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David Walker Bucharest 
I have been writing on and off for over 10 years and have two novels completed - a childrens fantasy adventure and a more grown-up version of much the same thing. Presently, I am working (sporadically) on other projects. I have one short story published by a UK magazine and my novel for children is...
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Eugen Hulub Vaslui 
I am an writer . My last work is : \"The way of the fiction\", published at \"unibook\" .Other my works are : \"The red and blue words\" ; \"Russian woman in the church\" ; \"Parapsichology today\" ; \"From Ptahhotep until Garcia Marquez\" ; \"The women against the men\" .
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Stefanoski Mara Buzau 
I am a Romanian young woman and all I have always dreamed about is to become a writer, but I have also dreamed about writing scripts. This ambition has grown since my husband gratuated Television and Cinema Collage in Bucharest as a picture director. Now, all I want is to work together with him in ...
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Dinu Nica Ploiesti 
I am a Romanian writer, who has published a few post-modernist books, favourably acknowledged by our critics (my last books being the fantastic and parody novels, that is : Poveste de doi biți, Two bits Tale - published in 2010 by Minerva Publishing House,Bucharest, Romania, and Apocalipsa dupa S...
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Lucia Verona Bucharest photo
I am a Romanian writer and playwright. My plays are exclusively comedies so far - but maybe in my old years I shall turn serious. Well, almost. As regards prose-writing, I write fiction and, as I am also a journalist, some kind of non-fiction too. But present day life is so absurd sometimes that...
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Kate Bors Suceava 
I am a freelance writer with monthly column experience as well as foreign correspondent journalism. I am American, but have lived in Europe for three years now- Vienna Austria and Romania. As a blonde female in an agressive European world, my exploits send shudders through most people so I cho...
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Mark One Rasnov 
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IOAN BOZAC Cluj-Napoca photo
Here is a fragment of my book, entitled "Another World: Recollections of Youth-and not quite. It is about the uprising of the peasants in Petrova (Maramures-Romania)against the communist regime, which I witnessed. It took place in January 1989 THE UPRISING OF PETROVA Literary Non-fiction 01/...
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Valeriu Iordan Popescu Brasov photo
Having the profile of a non profit organisation (NGO) "Euro-Asia Promotion and Cultural Foundation" (EAPCF) will approach the following fields: *Consulting, Co-operation and promotion in environmental amelioration, touristic exchanges, economic, scientific, cultural, artistic and sport activities ...
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1 works listed

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