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Cirilo Toro Vargas Ponce 
I am a Puerto Rican writer, born in Ponce, in the south area of the Island. Biographies, short stories and self-help books are my specialties. I write both in English and in Spanish. Reading knowledge of Latin. ACADEMIC BACKGROUND Ph.D. - The Union Institute (Ohio), 1992. Strongest subjec...
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Eduardo Márquez  
I am a Chemical Engineering student from Puerto Rico with long-term aspirations in Chemistry, more specifically Electrochemistry. I've always been a very shy person in every aspect when it comes to relating with other people initially, but after I'm comfortable, I can keep on talking for hours on en...
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Gerardo Pizarro  
Gerardo Pizarro (born Gerardo Pizarro Fuentes , January 23, 1996) is an Puertorrican author in the making. Focus on writing drama, fiction and romance.
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Yancey Vega San Juan photo
Capable of writting on any subject set to mind. The more interest to the subject the better it will be. The more knowledge on the subject the deeper the writting. There are no barriers nor limits. Indicate the topic thus recieve the writting.
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Leonardo Negron San Juan 
Born and raised in Puerto Rico, I got into writing when I got into Dungeons and Dragons. I have mostly written adventures for my own game back at home. I am currently in the ARMY and soon to get out. I love reading and mostly stick to medieval fantasy. I also read some science fiction and fict...
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Elizabeth K. Kracht San Juan, Other US 
Born and raised in California. Living in San Juan, Puerto Rico now. Thought living in PR might be good for the old writing. Own a new health food store with my boyfriend in Punta Las Marias. I've been keeping journals all of my life. Written bunches of poetry too, but probably not very "goo...
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Bill Turner Aguadilla, Other US 
Bill Turner’s works can be read in a variety of online and print publications. His stories have been published recently or are forthcoming at Underground Voices, Thieves Jargon, Riverbabble, The Beat, Rumble, Whim’s Place, Prose Toad, Storied World and Bewildering Stories. He is also published as ...
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Nancy Craven Culebra 
A graduate of an MFA program (Brown University), I now spend my free time under a palm tree with my computer. Well, close to it. More like a writing shack with the view of hummingbirds, iguanas and the harbor on a small tropical island. Have written and published the small fistful of news features, ...
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Emilio Medina Arecibo, Other US 
31years of age, organized type of guy, a lot of projects going on at the same time (Multi-Tasking. I'm also a social worker,a Workaholic, an Egomaniac but loyal guy. Married with kids (Proud Parent)and modestly very talented writer. I'm looking to finish a saga I'm working at to create an official w...
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Nick Nelson Isabela, PR photo
1. While in the United States Air force he became involved with an operation titled "Operation Counterpush" He was in charge of some operations that led to the destruction of at least five trafficking drug rings. These rings sold controlled substances in turn bought weapons of various types to use i...
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