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Luis Martinez Ponce 
Wow, what can I say? Or more specifically, what should I say? I was born(25 years ago) to be a writer. However, I never quite realized that until now. I mean, I have been writing all my life, I just never thought about making a career out of it. So in the process, I became a doctor. A physician, to ...
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Yamilet Otero San Juan 
Well, I'm a writer and this is my love and my passion. If I could write about writing it would be a very varied, open, colorful and the longest thing I had ever written and still wouldn't be enough. I have one finished novel, three in process,over fifteen shortstories (some of them sadly lost by a ...
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Ron Aaron San Juan 
US Army Infantry Sergeant, Vietnam Unformed Police Officer 23 years undercover operative, DEA
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Jean Beauchamp  
There is certain aspects that ill not reveal but I was born may 15 1992 in puerto rico.My interest in writing was born due consistent aclaims from friends and family to start writing.Also it affected me the uprising wave of new movies and videogames based on books.That at a start was pleasing but a...
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Sallie Rios San Juan 
Thanks for taking the time to read about me. My name is Sallie Ann. I am a 20 year old English Literature student with an overactive imagination. Since I have had a memory to speak of I remember making up stories to amuse myself and escape from the dullness of everyday life. When I turned 14 I star...
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Peter R Vergara-Ramirez Manati photo
Peter Raymond Vergara-Ramirez, lives between New Haven, Connecticut,and Puerto Rico, where he is now writing his second novel, “Deadly Whispers in the Wind,” about a female serial killer known as “Angel Face,” that kills terminally ill people without hopes. A suspense nov...
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Marta Negron  photo
My name is Marta Negron, I am currently 31 years of age, originally born in Humacao, PR. I been living in Orlando, FL. U.S.A for 16 years, I am the writer a science fiction book name, Enigma, Descubre El Misterio, translation will be (Enigma, Uncover The Mystery) that's the first book I have ...
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Ilia Mart  photo
My name is Ilia Mart and my passion is writing. I discovered my gift for words when I was in second grade and since I have written a lot of work. Poems, songs, short stories and recently my first compelte novel. I consider writing a lifestyle and more than a simple job. Writing is the highway to...
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Ana Hernandez San Juan 
I\\\'m 25 years old, I\'m a drama and dance teacher at a private school. I write about feelings, decisions and words and most importantly how those connect and affect the future and the people around them... I\\\'ve just strarted my MA in English Literature and I have become more obssesed with writi...
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Martin Hill Ortiz Ponce 
I've had a half a dozen poems and a dozen short stories published. I've had theater produced in several countries and a dozen major cities. As a writer I seek to engage my readers. Mysteries, thrillers, these have people in extremis of human condition and from the outer edges we learn more about...
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