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Justine Camacho-Tajonera Pasig City 
Justine Camacho-Tajonera is a compulsive writer. Her poetry has been published in several anthologies in the Philippines. She maintains a blog, http://claimingalexandria.blogspot.com. She accepts writing assignments but needs to negotiate deadlines as she works full time.
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John Yantiss  
John Spencer Yantiss was born in Louisville, KY to parents of Anglo-Scotch-Irish, and Lithuanian descent. A musician and singer, he started piano lessons at age 5, and began writing poems and songs at age 8. While still in high school he began playing guitar professionally, and over the years shared...
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Ely Penn  
It is hard to fail and fail and fail. But I keep on struggling because this is my dream. This is the path that I chose and I just can\'t go back and I can\'t be stuck. I will keep on fighting and writing until the end, until my last breath, until the last move that my right hand can do and until the...
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Benhur Fucker! QC, Nebraska photo
Investing in writting eroticas goes far beyond mere writting. It is a responsible way to make a sensible contribution to the future of sex. Why? my writtings help maintain and save teen from pregnancy for generations to come. Already my works play a key role in the intarnet and in the socie...
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Chad Anthony Gomez  
im not a journalist yet but i will be a great writer so read my name carefully Chad Gomez a.k.a Carlos Mercado
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Jaded Joey Cool Breeze Cantilan, Surigao del Sur 
Im no different from other ordinary people. Im as mortal as anybody else who likes to commit a sin, cheat, love, lie, pessimist who misses the vibrancy of life. Underachiever, nothing mortal, lonely lonely lonely....
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Russel Harold Sirot  
Im an AB Social Sciences student at Central Luzon State University. One of my dreams is to be a writer beside of being a historian and a lawyer. I hope this site will make me as a better writer.
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Maricar eunice Francisco Valenzuela 
Im a seventeen year-old college student and Im currently writing my very first manuscript. I started making novels when i was on my senior year in highschool but none of it has ever been published. I wanted to be serious in writing and I wanted my works to be published. Currently, a lot of ideas are...
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Chuck Basilio Paranaque 
Im a big fan of fantasy fiction and science fiction as well. Im trying to breaking into the market as a writer of the same but sadly I cant find anyone in this country intersted in publishing any work of the genre unless it contains an immense amount oif local lore which i am not interested in. S...
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Hazel Gutierrez Valenzuela 
Im 25 years old and been writing since I was in high school I really like to write and have often been a candidate for short story writing and stuffs in our school. I was also a member of the drama club where I write a short story about drowning couple. Favorite books such as the alchemist and the ...
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