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Emily Cal Quezon City 
I discovered my writing abilities after I graduated from college although I already started writing my diary when I was in elementary. My first article came out after giving birth to my first born son, who is now 16. Through the years, I've learned to be confident of the way I write and how to...
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Frances Amper Sales Mandaluyong photo
I didn't grow up with television but to make up for it, we had a more than modest library in our house in the hills. Books were my friends, and I never knew I lacked company or entertainment. I never felt lonely. And I still don't understand loneliness. When I was 9, I knew I wanted to be a w...
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Clarrisa Perez Baguio City photo
I currently work as a Research Assistant for the United Nations Development Program here in the Philippines. I work as a mapper creating thematic maps and helping Local Government Units to formulate their Comprehensive Land Use Plan integrated with Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptati...
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Macy Valdez Manila 
i belong to the college upperclassmen of the philippine normal university, the premiere institution producing renowned teachers and academicians here and abroad. however, ever since i could remember, i have always wanted to become a writer.it is my passion, my breath. i have always considered writin...
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Zoe Anne Marasigan Quezon City 
I am Zoe Anne V. Marasigan. My age is 21 but I find myself older than years. There is so much exploring out there that I unintentionally put years into oblivion. Am I young to be a writer? That question has not been filled with any answers. I would definitely go way beyond efforts to have my pers...
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Primer Pagunuran  
I am your ordinary man in the street whose social writings, if we can call them that, are published across the newspaper environment - without any fee. I have no formal writing background as I am more into in-depth researches in the field of philosophy and beyond. My only official claim to bei...
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Camilo Mendoza Villanueva, Jr  
I am working toward finishing my MA in Language and Literature degree at De La Salle University, Manila, where I got my AB in Communication Arts degree after doing Greenstreams: A De La Salle Student Poetry Reader, 1925-1996 (Manila: DLSU & CMVillanuevaJr, 1996) for my thesis. In 2010, C&E Publis...
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Sheryl Jay Sagnep  
I am Sheryl Jay R Sagnep. Registered Nurse by profession. I am interestingly want to try the world of writing and helping other people. Because it is one of my fashion. I always choose to stay at home and spend the most of my time.
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Pauline Gaņa Concepcion 
I am Pauline. I\'m the first born in the family of two. I\'m turning 18 next month and a proud Filipina. I\'m currently a feature page editor of the University of the Philippines-Baguio\'s official publication--Outcrop. I love to read. at the same time, I love writing. that\'s why, even though I\...
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Alexis Ancheta Mangatarem 
I am only fourteen, and is living a simple life. Everytime I am free, i write something. For this is what my master taught me. By now, I already wrote around fifty poems and at least five essays. I can say that I am Religious. I know that we must trust our own works, but I certainly need to gain mor...
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