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Saif Al Kindi  
My name is Saif Al kindi. I am 29 years old. I started writing in English when I was young. I have written a fantasy novel that hasn't been published. I have written many short stories and poems. I like writing about people's feelings and dreams. Writing is the best thing I do in my free time. I tra...
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Mathew Kuncheria Muscat 
I teach English in the Middle East. My philosophy is stated here. As in youth, the questions of life and god plague me still, and I consider these never fully answered questions and the void within to be the driving force of my life. Every way of life and philosophy offers glimpses of truth but neve...
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Ameera  Bait Ishaq Muscat  
I love writing and being an observer of the universe.
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Odaprimosricar OLIVIER  
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Fifi B Muscat 
Aspiring writer
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Henrietta Newton Martin Sohar 
About Ms Henrietta Newton Martin Legal Consultant B.Com, LLB(gold medalist),LLM, (gold medalist),MMS (HR), etc Henrietta Newton Martin is a “Legal Consultant “by profession. She has been prominent in her legal service and practice, for more than a decade. She assumed the role of legal con...
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Awni ALKhatib  ALKhatib Muscat, Oklahoma 
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Jocko Demora Rio Jacui 
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