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Cat Connor Up the river 
I am a suspense fiction writer...my agent is working on finding a publisher for my first novel, and have now finished writing my third and am about to start on number four. I write the sort of books that I want to read, my characters are strong, well-rounded individuals...there's nothing wishy-wash...
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Lorraine Roe Upper Hutt 
I am a sole parent working a 9-5 job to support myself (my youngest child, Joseph is 17 years old and leaving home at the end of this year to attend University). My oldest child, Tania is 20 years old and lives with her partner Lee and son Hoani (who is 3 years old) in the same city. I live with...
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Isreal Hartley Auckland City 
I am a self taught writer who enjoys engaging with others in my profession. I have joined this site to expand my knowledge and relationships within the industry. I hope to make good friend too. insurance car insurance
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Andrew Sheldon Wanganui 
I am a non-fiction writer based in Wanganui, NZ, though Australian by birth. I write on investment and the humanities, with a particular interest in political philosophy, psychology, law, economics and history. I have a number of books under development. I tend to write multiple books at a time bec...
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LeRoi Keiller Auckland 
I am a new writer. Age: 33. mailto:leroi@writers.net I have written three children's short stories, based on Disney's Winnie-the-Pooh, which I hope to get published. I am currently looking for a suitable publisher. I am also in the process of writing other stories, including satires of Star...
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Lisa Flaus Auckland photo
I am a native of New Zealand. I have lived in London and travelled the world, including France, Germany, Spain, Greece, Australia and the USA. Now living and working in Auckland, I have spent the past six years researching and writing 2012 The Final Revelation, my first novel. It is availabl...
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Nicola Miller-Clendon Auckland 
I am a midwife, childbirth educator and mother of five. I some how manage to find time to run, write and eat. I'm currently working on two non-fiction and one fiction book.
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Lauren Roche Napier 
I am a medical doctor in New Zealand with a special interst in adolescent health and sexual health. My first book, the autobiographical 'Bent Not Broken'was released in NZ in November 1999. It was the fourth-equal best selling NZ title in 2000. It has since become a best seller in the UK and is al...
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Raven Rivers  
I am a highly skilled creative writer and have written screenplays for the film industry over 10 years ago now. My writing skills are amazing and when Iím on set my creativity goes through the roof. I\'m getting nowhere with publishers and agents due to the fact they hate science fiction and fant...
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Lisa Agnew Auckland 
I am a freelance and novel writer primarily interested in speculative fiction - sf, fantasy and a touch of romance. I can turn my hand to non-fiction articles and have a non-fiction book project in development. Generally, my writing includes elements of mythology and folklore, history and out-and-...
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