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John Henry Templar Amsterdam 
I write child stories and I'm planning to travel for a year to finish the first one.
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Jana Xxxxxx Rotterdam 
I was born on 28 March 1984 in Perm, Russia. My family moved around a lot, and for the past 20 years i have travelled around the world, which became one of my main interests. At the age of 16 I have moved to the Netherlands. I started writing when I was 12, mainly poetry and short stories. i'm cu...
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Brouwn Brouwn IJsselstein 
I was born in Suriname and moved to the Netherlands at age 5. About and around the time I was 14 I picked up an interest in writing, because I could and wanted to and because I was told by my Dutch teacher that I had talent. After two years that interest dropped, girls, bars and girls again were mor...
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Aloysius Lazarus Den Haag 
I started writing in Kenya, Africa in 1984, when called upon to write Primary school Text Books, which have since sold over 100,000 copies each. There are 23 such books still available in Kenyan Book shops and very popular with both teachers and students alike. See publisher's website www.savanis.ne...
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Anna Aarts  
I live nearby Amsterdam, was an art teacher, now retired.
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Genevieve Lee Lelystad 
I have garnered a great deal of experience as a copy editor and freelance writer. A body of my work can be found through a simple internet search or at www.malakpet.org:8080/articles. As a student I wrote for my school newspaper, which founded the enthusiasm I have always held for writing and the e...
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Max Brecher Amsterdam 
I hate selling myself. Trying to get a date or a publisher. I hate other people doing the same. Most of the pitch is yuckamuck and the whisky talking. Still, you got to show a little skin. Triple major: philosophy, psychology and comparative literature. Extremely promising young novelist with chips ...
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K. Llewellin  
I grew up in the 80's to 00's, during the heady days of terrestrial TV sci-fi. Long-running cult series, combined with re-runs of kitsch 70's shows, ensured I spent my evenings permanently glued to the TV. This had a profound effect on my fertile imagination, and it wasn't long before strange, stron...
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Alex  Laybourne Katwijk 
I am writer of horror fiction. I have had two short stories published in 2010 and have compelted my first horror novel. It is the first book in trilogy dealing with sin and forgiveness, free-will verus predestination set against a back drop of good versus evil. I am currently looking for an agent to...
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Ronald Wopereis Borne 
I am on tour around the world in 80 questions. Current question is 'what is attention?'.
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