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Ismael  Uugwanga Outapi 
With a creative talent I have, am looking at life in the broadest spectrum - in terms of life and death - but I don't see something prestigious to treasure on my deathbed. But I can change all that if my novels and short story manuscripts are accepted by a reputable literary agents and publishers al...
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Tuhafeni George Dasi Hishitelwa Walvis Bay 
The Story Of Hope Book is a Memoir of Mr. Tuhafeni George DaSilva Hishitelwa who defied odds by succeeding against daring circumstances he endured during his life. a true life count of overcoming challenges. a true inspiring book.
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Jesse Joodt  
Right now venturing into law, to take up studies next year. Some unpublished short stories, some novel ideas. Need to look into research. Wide subject area reader, constantly curious. Writing is a way to reduce the gap between 'real' being and 'masks' displayed. Creativity urges out of me, som...
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Ester  Naango Jonas  Ongwediva  
Right now am studying accounting. i have wrote many unpublished short stories, some novel ideas. . “I know writing is a very difficult process, but through this creative process i can rejuvenate my creative skills and my literature for the sake of better communication. Through writing i can...
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Ndinelao Shiningayamwe  
right no i'm still a student at the college
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Gerrit Vermeulen Outjo 
Most of my time I'm in front of my pc trying to come up with the most horrible peace of work that I can write. I like to blend Horror with Sci-Fi, it adds so much more to the environment. I'm also a guy that likes to chat through the internet, because I find it more interesting than chatting in real...
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Nali Nakale  
Just someone full of stories in the head to write about but not knowing how to progress beyond my very first drafts of some 1000 words (which I feel I can't show to anyone just yet!) Thanks for having this site.
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Ngai Mupurua  
Im in black and white, i get up live it then sit down and write it. i am Ngai and success is all i see.
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Pamela Muyoba Windhoek 
I'm a young emerging writer from Windhoek,my short stories such as "The village thief" and "Tale of two wives" has so far been published in literary magazines from South Africa And Canada.Hope to publish my novel soon.
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Obedience Munashe   Kuguyo   
I write political books, educational material and real life movies If interested in writing for fun with me, email me on munashe.multicard@gmail.com
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