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Alejandro Orozco San Miguel Chapultepec 
My name is Alejandro Orozco. I was born in and obscure cavern a thousand years ago and have mastered the art of awaiting. In the beginning of time, when it was only me and my ideas, I learned how to craft them, turn them into recognizable phrases for others. Then I came into this world, a place huma...
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Martin St. James  
My life in two different countries and societies, big city life and rural area, has given me a personal insight into the quirks of humanity. Add to this the fact that my early life was in the "big city" with "civilized society" and my married and professional life amongst Native Americans, the absu...
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Hector Domingo Arandas photo
More details in my personal webpage at / Mas detalles en el sitio : http://www.hectordomingo.com.mx/
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Lydia Cacho Ribeiro Cancun 
Lydia Cacho Riberio,Journalist, writter. Born Mexico City april 1963.Daughter of a Oscar Cacho, Engineer and a French Feminist of portuguese origins, Paulette Ribeiro, a psicollogist that worked for more than 40 years in Mexico City as a therapist and an education activist in women´s rights (died 2...
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Jordan Fowler Merida 
Long story.... Time and space will fail me to tell it all.
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Jordan Fowler  
Lived and educated in the far east, namely Hong Kong and Taiwan. Always loved reading and writing now working as a teacher but dream of making a life out of books.
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Edilberto Aldán Aguascalientes 
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Daniel Stone  
Last book - the dreamer who dreams you - is with o-books UK and Yug (Mexico). There are two websites about my work. www.12consciousdreaemrs.com and www.paintingthefuture.com
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Trans Lucca Vestti Distrito Federal 
LAS PROFECIAS !!! Vaya Farsa ??? Es El Tema mas incoherente que existe en toda La Literatura y lo que es mas deprimente de este caso, es ver como existe millones de gente en todo El Mundo que cree en esta absurda telenovela y que son engañados facilmente para sacarles El Dinero como ahora lo e...
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Kyara D'Paul  
Kyara D'Paul a graduate of UTSA as a Bachelor of Arts in History has had many different jobs, including Being a Travel Agent, Movie Critic and Interpreter/Translator in both English and Spanish. but her desire to write was constant. As a child she quickly discovered that the Dark Ages and the Mediev...
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