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Roberto Javier Cantu Nuevo Laredo 
Tratando de ser breve, reseñaré mi vida que pugna por vertir padazos de corazón en ustedes. Nacido en Laredo Texas de padres mexicanos, llevo alma, corazón y vida consagrados a servir. 45 años de edad y profeción de médico cirujano. Mi urgencia por escribir quedó en el arcon de los pasivos cuando...
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Josefina Vazquez  
Soy madre de adolescentes. Mis hijos, mis amados hijos, cuántos sueños, cuántas ilusiones, cuántos proyectos, cuántas alegrías, ¡¡cuántos problemas!! ... ¿por qué? ¿Cómo? ¿en qué momento comienza a surgir esa "brecha generacional"? Ese "no te entiendo" "¿de qué hablas?" "¿Por qué ya no me obedeces? ...
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Chema Delcampo Popotlan 
Se especializa en acabarse botellas de Havana 7 años.
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Robert Cikraji Cancun 
scientific writing Robert M. Cikraji is an international scholar and writer. He is recognized for his independent research related to ancient mayan cities. The spring of 2001 he located the lost pyramid of the Yucatan, approximately thirty miles from Chichen Itza, conclusively establishing a...
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Rick  J. Pons  
Rick J. Pons is a sales consultant / freelance writer-screenwriter / producer, who worked for some of the biggest Timeshare and Direct Sales companies in the world, He writes in both English and Spanish but under different Pseudonyms.
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Jeanette Morgan  
Research and getting to truths, fact finding and searching the web.
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Fernando Swain  
Radio announcer/Master of ceremonies since 1977 Dubbing actor since 1978 Radio producer/programmer/speaker since 1981 Writer and Proof Reader since 1987 with 4 books Creative Advertiser since 1988 Instructor in oral and written communication since 1994
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Ginger Fleming  photo
Please allow me to introduce my self, I am a woman with a very colorful past. I was a part of the Historical Chelsea Hotel in NYC. I lived there when, Nancy and Sid used to come in at all hours of the morning after playing at, CBGB's or some other such place in those days. When Debbie Harry create...
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Gerard Fauchey Guadalajara 
My wife and I wrote "The Squeeze Technique" some years ago, in which we describe a sexual technique that practically guarantees that a woman may enjoy as many multiple orgasms as she wants. I just finished writing "The Chastity Belt", a novel about a relationship between a married man and a beau...
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Jéssica De la Portilla Montaño Mexico City photo
My name is Jéssica de la Portilla Montaño, but I am Gina Halliwell. I started writing a looong time ago. By now I'm uploading my very first novel "Eterno Domingo" (Endless Sunday) to my personal website, www.TodoMePasa.com Last year my work was published in two books: Fantasiofrenia II and Casi u...
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