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Zack Maiden JB 
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writers / unpublished

Marcus Gomez Petaling Jaya 
International markets tend to judge all companies American, European or Asian by the same international standards. As your business moves into the global marketplace, high quality business and technical documentation becomes absolutely necessary to impress, win and retain customers. Marcus Go...
writers / unpublished

Elaine Rengga Johor 
im a gurl from malaysia, love to write much n dream to be a good writers one day.
writers / unpublished

Zaki Bakar MUAR 
I,m a teacher,30 old, love reading and writing a book
writers / unpublished

Anthony Addis  
I've written two novels: THE TALE OF THE BIRDS (fantasy), and THE MASK SLIPS (thriller). I'm currently seeking agent representation for both novels. I've also written several fantasy and contemporary short stories. I teach primary school children in an international school in Kuala Lumpur, wh...
writers / unpublished 

2 works listed

I've been involved in writing for the past 15 years, working as a researcher, writer/reporter and editor for the media and organisations. I am looking for freelance assignments and am interested to hear from publishers, agents and others who wish to have materials written ie. articles, company profi...
writers / published

Kher Ying Tey Kuala Lumpur 
I'm previously published in MYC, The New Straits Times, The Star and Tattle Life. I've also completed several works for websites, brochures and company profiles.
writers / published

Nadira A. Kuala Lumpur 
I'm only 16 years old but the first time I knew I love to write was when I was only in kindergarten! I used to write funny, weird short stories when I was younger but now that I'm older, I love writing about romance, family problems, friends...really emotional stories. I have finished a novel called...
writers / unpublished

Asa Me Johor 
I'm not like some aspiring writers who knew their calling from a tender age.Infact I never saw myself as a writer.Since young I've always had a vivid imagination.I take pleasure in deluding myself that I belonged in that whole other dimension I made up. I remember once in alimentary school,I always ...
writers / unpublished

Eva Gabu  
I'm into a lot of things so if anyone asks me what is my favourite thing to do I'd have a hard time answering. I usually have a lot of ideas to put but I often lack the ability to find a suitable beginning. I can't really express my ideas and imaginations through my voice and often put them to word...
writers / unpublished

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