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Uqbah Iqbal  
Currently working as AIA Life Planner, Longrich Area Leader, Founder of Malaysian History.com, Action Coin Ambassador & GRIN Ambassador, Dr. Uqbah Iqbal was born in the United States and emigrated to Malaysia at the age of six. Winning Second Place in Malaysian Historical Essay Writing Competition ...
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Abdullah Fauzy Abdul Shani Kuala Lumpur 
Currently I am attached with a training consultant company which provides corporate training and English Language courses especially in the Klang Valley, Kuala Lumpur. Being a trainer/lecturer one of my responsibility is to produce modules for the trainings. Until now I have written several corpo...
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Amirul Ruslan Ampang photo
Born the day after Valentines in the year West Germany last won the World Cup, Amirul B Ruslan is a young talent hoping to get represented/published. He has had some 'acclaimed' work - his short stories at http://thewritingpot.com/a.php?a=amirulruslan. Very possibly insane. Very possibly exciting. O...
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Sazalee Yacob Kota Bharu, 
Born on 29th June 1961. Received my early education in the State of Kelantan, Malaysia till High School Certificate. Then, attending the Technical Course in Agriculture at Miyazaki University. In 1997, received the Diploma in Art Performance in University of Malaya. My poem was first published in De...
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Mirza Mohd Petaling Jaya 
Born in earlies 70's in a small town in Malaysia. Mirza Mohd is a Malaysian , short-story writer, essayist and books writer. In addition to writing, Mirza has the expertise in Human Resources and has been a General HR Practioner several companies in Malaysia. Futhermore he is a member with the Ma...
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Evanna Ramly Kuala Lumpur 
Born in 1985 and raised on a steady diet of Roald Dahl, Charles Dickens, and William Shakespeare. Began writing poetry under the tutelage of her English lecturer mother and school teachers. Previously published short stories, currently working on two novels but focusing on poetry. Has interned at an...
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Mark Willan Penang 
Born half Italian in the UK in the early 50s. Met and worked with Massimo Scaligero in the early 1970s in Italy. Returned to UK where worked with Michael Wilson. Emigrated to France in 1986 and worked with Gerard Klockenbring and founded meditation groups on the French Riviera, before movi...
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Schwartz Nasution Seremban photo
Born and raised with the complicated cross-traditions of the 'Mandailing' a.k.a 'Mandheling' or 'Mandehiling' tribe of Sumatera, Indonesia and traditional Cantonese Chinese teachings, he is a person who regards culture and tradition to be all-time intriguing subjects. He believes that without cul...
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GOLDA MOWE Sibu, Sarawak photo
Born and raised in Sarawak, Malaysia, to an Iban mother and Melanau father, Golda Mowe has always been interested in the culture and traditions of Borneo's indigenous people. After graduating from university in Japan and enduring ten years of corporate life, the author found herself yearning f...
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Sri Velayutham Melaka 
Besides writing for television ad on freelance basis, I also do a little copywriting work from time to time. A major in Film & Television from RMIT, Melbourne, I am hoping to step into the local television industry as television writer for short drama series. I have writen few screenplay for tv and ...
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