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Philip Lee Puchong photo
I am an aspiring writer who demands nothing from his work except recognition. I do not look for fame, (just yet) or to tag any monetary value to my work. Words cannot be valued at any situation and I believe my work is not my attempt to becoming the next Tolkien or the next Rowling. I wish my work c...
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R. Thomas Rodgers Batang Berjuntai 
I am an American currently living in Malaysia with my wife and two young children. I am the author of eight stories (published in two seperate series), The Adventures of Rudy the Rooster, and Extraordinary Lives. Both series have been in print for nearly ten years and can be found on my publishers...
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Andreanna Ten Kuala Lumpur 
I am a young student who has no experience in the writting world at all but my passion for writting keeps me going. I am currently writting my first story and I sure do appreaciate a profesional's advice to improve my writting skill. And i am wondering are there any malaysian writers out there too?...
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Shi-Lynn Mok Kuala Lumpur 
I am a writer. I wrote for a parenting magazine called Today's Parents (pretty ballsy when I was in my early 20s and knew NOTHING about kids), I wrote for clients when I was in the Public Relations industry for five years, and I'm currently writing for a very exciting new mag called Just DANCE! I ha...
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Pin Lean Lau  
I am a working mother, who has somehow seen fit to venture into other areas of interest aside from her work, namely writing. I am a lawyer by profession, of which I am grateful for, because mine is a dual-income family, and because, after almost 6 years in the legal profession, I believe...
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I am a versatile wordsmith with 5 years' experience as a news and lifestyle journalist, and more recently as a copywriter. I have worked at two of the top English newspapers in Malaysia, as well as with clients from the consumer goods, hotel, agrochemical, carton packaging and property development i...
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Raja Eszura Raja Ibrahim Petaling Jaya 
I am a technical writer and accepts freelance works such as writing processes, procedures and SOPs.
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Moein Ghahremnai Nejad  photo
I am a student of life! and I'm interested in doing a good and beneficial work for the society. Always looking for the best :) The most important thing that I can tell you about myself is that I was always a very curious boy, curious almost about everything. This curiosity led me to do research a...
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Chin Len Georgetown 
I am a single mum with a 9 years old son to support. I live in Penang, Malaysia. I am 37 years old and looking for freelance writing work. I have been published 10 times in StarMag,a local paper. I have had two poems published in the USA.
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Idrus Abu bakar Ampang photo
I am a retired government officer, served the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, at present live with my wife in Ampang Jaya, Malaysia...Am a Grandparent..love to write and at present do blog...My weblog is ' in passing - malaysian http://idrus.blogspot.com Do visit this website if you have the ...
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