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Jessica Ong  
I have been writing for 8 years and working as a full time writer/editor for the past 3 years. I hold a Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy) and a Diploma in Culinary Arts. My areas of concentration in terms of writing would be script, food and travel. Previous works have been published in Malaysian magazi...
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Sivarathan Sivapalan Kluang 
i have been working in the industry and security services.i am a nice guy.writing is my soul.my first love.
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Zarra Rahym Kota Bharu 
I have been teaching English language for tertiary level for almost 23 years, and throughout this period of time i've experienced editing,proofreading and rectifying language errors,sentence structures,word choices and lots of other language concerns of different varieties of documents ranging from ...
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Khyra Arissa Kajang 
I have been diagnosed as a 5w6 type in the Briggs-Myers personality test, meaning that I am an intellectual thinker with an analytical mind. This is reflected in my writing style. I write straight to the point, without any rhetorics to cloud the objective of my writings. I'd love to foray into techn...
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Joy Writes Kuala Lumpur. 
I have a vast experience as an Account Director for Grey Healthcare Group, a PR agency to copywriting, editing and publishing magazines and websites.
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Mark Willan Penang 
I have a life-long interest in inner development, and have worked inwardly on a daily basis since 1971. I have been teaching concentration and meditation for more than 35 years, and hold regular classes, and host an internet community in 3 languages (English, Franch and Italian). I have trans...
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Jennifer F Netto Petaling Jaya, Selangor photo
I have 10years of Experience in Medical Laboratory Science and am currently reading English at OUM. I have self published 4 children’s books and am a blogger. I enjoy writing and have much experience in editorial work. I enjoy writing and love a good challenge when it comes to doing the task.
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Sabariah Bahari Ipoh photo
I had been a writer since 25 years ago.I wrote poetry and short story .Most of my creative work was published in the National Newspaper and magazine(Mingguan Malaysia,Berita Minggu,Dewan Sastera,Jelita/Wanita ect).I had wrote 1 novel.However,now I wanna to produce more novel,at the moment I'm writin...
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Soyabean Milk KL photo
I get published weekly, in various newspapers and magazines, though my name is not visible. Call me a phantom writer - but I am the mouthpiece of organizations who can't put pen to paper. Ok. Spill the beans. I am in the business of Public Relations. The Hard Sell Bit... Able to churn ...
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Alan Chin Kuala Lumpur 
I enjoy reading articles and write-ups from any source, international business letters and other forms of written reports from business journals to lifestyle magazines. Most of the time, I try to keep my writing spontaneous to keep its originality. Anything that comes into my mind to describe wha...
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