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Ian Gallagher  
The dirt road snaked through the landscape, carving itself into existence. It was there daring us to use it, whichever way we were going it didn't matter, just as long as we were going somewhere. The fence along it, about to fall from age, was its only companion. Today, it was me who used this roa...
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Wambere Migwi  
iam 30 yrs old a trained high school english and literature teacher.
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Greg Turner Daegushi 
I was born in 1964 in Las Vegas. I was a featured soloist for the Nevada Classical Guitar Society. I played in many restuarants and weddings. I majored in music at Northern Arizona University. I studied music composition with Bruce Reiprich and Kenneth Rummery. I directed NAU preparatory school's ja...
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David Wellhauser Daegu 
I was born and raised in Canada but have spent my adult life, after university, travelling: Europe, Africa, India, Latin American, Asia. In most cases I have been one or more of the following: esl insructor, university professor, editor, proof reader, journalist, itinerant worker, entrepeneur, etc. ...
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Juteyee Juteyee783 Hdfhfhgf, Nova Scotia 
바­카­라게임///^^[ H­I­T­9.T­K ]^^///바­카­라게임ピ바­카­라게임///^^[ H­I­T­9.T­K ]^^///바­카­라게임ピ바­카­라게임///^^[ H­I­T­9.T­K ]^^///바­카­...
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Anthony Spaeth Seoul photo
Chief Editor of JoongAng Daily in Seoul, South Korea Founding editor of POWER magazine in Hong Kong and Executive Editor for Asia for TIME Magazine's Asian edition. He is the author of three novels: The Hong Kong Foreign Correspondents Club, May and June, and The Thousand-Headed Snake.
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Clay Burell Seoul 
As a prolific "edublogger," I've made a fairly big splash in that miniscule pond writing about school reform, educational technology, and the curse of "schooliness" that retards learning in our feebly august schools. I was nominated for "Best Teacher Blog" Eddie in the Edublog Awards in 2007. Woo-ho...
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Abeesh Thomas Seoul photo
About Thomas English Cafe (ThomasEcafe.co.kr) - Abeesh Thomas,Technical Writer,KOREA. ThomasEcafe provides a full array of services to support the diverse needs of every sector of the industry. From general writing articles, user manuals, and product specifications to press releases, marketing ma...
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Ines Cho  
About my novel, "A Certain Muse's Categories"... While working as a cultural arbiter and media expert in Asia's largest media network for 11 years (I quit! Hurray!!!), I have been often asked what it would be like to live and work in the fastest trend central of Asia. As you can see in my res...
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Andrew Holmes Changwon City 
44-year-old English science graduate with a background in biology and chemistry. Have had a number of chemistry-related articles published since 1999, my first book was published in 2002. Wrote three other science/nature-related texts a few years ago, but the would-be publisher died, hence these ...
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