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Alpha Higgins Kingston 
Young writer interested in publishing novels about human drama
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Hazel Campbell  
Retired. Six children\'s titles on the market. Interested in developing fiction for the Christian children\'s market - picture story books and up.
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Michael Cohen Kingston 20 
Over 15 in Public Relations, covering wide and varied industries in the public and private sectors, and writing for most media types and categories of copies.
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Elaine Foster Kingston 
My full name is Elaine Dorothy Foster with a soul Friend. Presently, although I have no children I've helped with the growth and development of my two sibling brothers' neices and nephews. I've even tried my hands at care giving of the elderly, who are by law classified as (adult) children Dece...
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Sean Beans  
Match made, we thought The first time we mate, we sweat Releasing all stress With no regard for responsibilities or what’s next Yes! Yes! Yes … just living the moment Hoping and wishing that to this feeling there will be no end But like the pencil with which I use to write this one The poin...
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Jayda McTyson Portmore 
Jayda McTyson writes both fiction and non-fiction and has special interest in the art of storytelling, parenting and relationships. She lives in sunny Jamaica and is always on the lookout for the makings of her next article or story.
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Mark Daley  
I was born in West Kingston, Jamaica but grew up in Buff Bay Portland, on the west coast near the sea. My love for story telling stems from listening to tales of long ago told by elders in my family and their friends. I am also a writer of children and adult poetry, and literature. I am an asp...
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Alex Hunter Not Jamaica 
I live in Milan, Italy, teaching English to people who make way more than I do. I've been here for two years, and wish I could say that living in this ancient land has given me some sort of mystical and profound understanding of...something. Nope. But I know how to say "I'm lost. Please don't ta...
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Magdalene Bell Kingston 
I like to write. It is like writing about my life. When I am lonely, or bored and have no one to talk to, I just sit down at home or at my school and just write. I have been writing stories when i was at all age. I did not know that I have the talent, but I did. I am creative and love to imagine thi...
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Km! Ra Kingston 
I have written a full manuscript (at age 14) that I am trying to have published. I have also written a number of short stories and poems. I have a number of unfinihsed full length novels that I am still working on. It is kind of depressing, because I still have not found an agent despite wri...
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