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Kaththea Azzurra Rowland FPO AE 
I've lived in may European cities and in Cuba while I was growing up. I graduated from Oklahoma University with a BA degree in Letters [Classical Studies]. I published my first book in April of 2003, Bruised and Broken [the biography of Placebo's frontman Brian Molko]. I've been publishing my poems ...
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Michela Belli Giugliano in Campania Napoli 
I'm an italian "wannabe" writer of cofee-table novels! I've been included in two compilation of poetry "Le Solitudini di Aradollo" and "Poesie istantanee 3" which were born in the forum of nuoviautori.org and in another one published by the editor Aletti for the Feltrinelli magazine Orizzonti. I h...
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Lisa Kramer Taruschio Macerata 
I'm a published translator, writer and editor living in Italy, a dual citizen(US/Italy.
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Giulia Fancelli Rome photo
I'm a 28 year old woman who lives in Rome, Italy. I'm currently getting my batchelor degree in Sociology. I love writing and have always written in my life. Recently I've created an Internet community in my mothertongue (Italian) dedicated to people who want to publish by free on the web original Fi...
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Isabel Von Fechtmann Genoa 
I'll send you my bio data. There isn't enough space to chronicle the salient points. Contessa Isabel von Fechtmann
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Anna Maria Mercuri Reggio Emilia 
I was born in Tunisia and I am italian. Now I live in Northern Italy. I am a biologist, and a researcher of botany. Also I study archaeology and psicology, and my hobby is to write poetry and novels. The title of my book is 'Al centro del bersaglio' (http://www.internetbookshop.it/ser/serdsp.as...
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Carlo Macchiavello Cembrano, Maissana 
i was born in Santa Margherita Ligure, in the 1973. I start to be a cinema knower from early age, after my first 15 years i had seen over 2000 movie, and i'm very skilled on horror and Fantastic movies. I study like movie editor at Milan school of cinema, and i worked immediately like animator for...
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Alessandro Maiucchi Rome photo
I was born in Rome in 1966. I married Silvia in 1994 and became a father for the first time in 1996. After Martina, Lorenzo joined the family in 2003. I have been a member of Mensa, the High IQ Society, since 2000. I have published Orchidea, a thriller, in Oct 2005 with Tracce Diverse and am ab...
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Monica Costa MIlano 
I was born in Milan 11/03/63 where I stil live . I wrote on Ragguaglio Librario a magazine of literary criticism .Then I wrote on Puntosł a newsletter. Now I'm interested in psychoanalysis and I hope I could write something on this subject.
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Julian Abbott Firenze 
I have written an enormous book called Julian\'s Bible. It is more than 427,000 words long and 868 pages.There are about 120 photos as well in the book. The content is somewhat scandalous in these times so I am looking for an agent with massive coconuts who could find a publisher that has massive c...
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