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Moshe Brace Rishon Le Ziyyon 
In my website I have written and published Help files designed for beginners on JASC Paintshop Pro 8, Paintshop Pro 7, and Adobe Photoshop CS2. Feel free to download them. They will help you to begin repairing your old photos.
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Shay Faitelson  
I'm 30 not yet published but writing for a long time. I like to right MA and young adults books I've finished my first novel in a exciting series and in a predicament if to start the second or start a new series that have come to mind :)
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Shay Aloni Tel Aviv 
I wrote a book called "Rich by the BIBLE"
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Loay Madalha Haifa 
i was born in israel in April 1962 i was gratwated from Ben-Gorion university in1990 i studed Biochemistry there for the first degree i have already puplished three books in literature i have a MSABOUT THE PHILOSOPHY OF THE EGYPTIAN PRIZE NOBLE WINNER FOR THE YEAR 1988 nAGUIB mAHFOUSE I AM INTERESTI...
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Michael Har-Even Jerusalem 
I was born and raised in the USA, and am now living in Jerusalem. While my daytime hi-tech self has been taking care of the bread-and-butter, my nighttime fiction-writing alter-ego has written/published a thriller.
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Barry Rosenfeld Yavneel 
I was born and raised in the USA but met my wife in Israel while studying to be a Reform Rabbi. She was a widow with three young children. We married and returned to the US where I continued my studies eventually switching to urban planning. As a graduate student living in Cincinnati in the 60...
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Tal Shoham Tel Aviv 
I started to explore the Chinese language and culture as a B.A in Eastern Asia Studies and Law at the Tel Aviv University, through which I had learned Mandarin Chinese for two years. After an internship in an international law firm with a glimpse towards China from its legal aspect, I took the firs...
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Amichi Garabaldy Tel Aviv 
i make 9374200 Euros a year thanks to my world wide known Book "Gispr Nizacka" i am a famous writer and have written the book "dangling by dawn" "Monkeys in the Moonlight" "Pigs in the bathroom" "2 ways to be stupid" "100 ways to dumb" "hung by honey comb" "girlz and boyz" (A book for 'special teen...
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Laya Saul Jackson Tzfat 
I love people and always have. My goal as a writer is to share what I have learned in life through stories and quotes. My filter is the ethics and teachings of a timeless heritage that has been passed down through the generations. Please come visit my website, have a look at the table of conten...
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Laurence  Brown  
I have written two novels.
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