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Majid Ameri Tehran 
Writing's always been in my blood. I feel this uncontrollable urge to put pen to paper at times and the words just flow. At other times, writer's block is a common occurrence!Writer by choice poet by force of habit. Freelancing is an alternative I've just completely begun to explore. Writing is a pa...
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Mohsen Akhlagh Mashhad 
Well, I've been around for a while now. I am 32,married.
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To be born in Iran about thirty years ago is not something to write about which a realistic autobiographical description may ever suffice. A little child draws shapes on the wall as he enjoys the happiness of having learned about things to do with a color pencil; a youngster may fill up his drawe...
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Mozhgan Amiri Mashhsd photo
The RAHA Charter > > > >1- RAHA is a free thinking movement that is the home of independent >writers. > > > >2- RAHA aims to transcend geographic, cultural, racial and linguistic >barriers in the fight for freedom of speech. > > > >3- Rajahs writing categories include poetry, fiction...
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Arman Aram Tehran 
Short story writer with an edge. Non mainstream market. I am also a scriptwriter. Poetry in the evenings. I enjoy freelance work, it is always challenging to learn and write about new ideas.
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Javad Fazel Mashad photo
Open letter from Kamran mir Hazar to desktop author team Some books are waiting for you Dear Sir or Lady Itís an open letter from and independent writer and poet to you. I need your software free to create independent writers book. Some of them are forced to publish just on the net, because o...
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Nassim Khorashadizadeh Tehran 
my full name is Nassim khorashadizadeh , born in Tehran 1983 . i study philosophy of religion in allameh University of Tehran( MA) . i work for Radio station ,, i mean i write Radio plays .I 'm going to publish my first Story ...
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Hussein Karamyar  
I was born in 1958 in Tehran. I joined Tehran Times as translator-journalist 1983 and have since published 26 books into English, mostly translation, not to mention thousands of translations and hundreds of articles written in English. In my part-time life, I cooperated with English program of overs...
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Jamshid Amani Esfahan 
I love writing, specially freelance writing.
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Mohsen Akhlaghi nia Tabriz 
I have written a children's adventure story and I am currently writing a novel.
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