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Jess Mowry

Bones Become Flowers

Bones Become Flowers
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Published by Windstorm Creative
ISBN: 1-886383-83-9
Tracy Carter seems to be living the African-American Dream, her forty acres a beautiful home in the "white" Oakland, California foothills, her mule a 50K Land Rover. She has a very eclectic but practical education, the means to indulge her taste for travel and art; and at age thirty-three she owns a successful boat-building business, as well as being heir to her family fortune.

So why do we find her in Haiti, the poorest and "blackest" nation in the Western Hemisphere, battling alone through savage mountains and forbidding forests in a rusty old car with no spare tire? Is she on a mission to "save" Haiti's children? Is she searching for her own ancestral roots? ...Or, could she be on an unconscious quest for something much deeper, something long-buried in vine-tangled graveyards and shrouded in the moonlit shadows of Voodu? The meaning of life? Or the secrets within her own soul?

Tracy's journey is like the voyage of a weary old ship, fighting her way through a raging storm, beaten and pounded by roaring waves, whipped and battered by howling winds, and slashed by rain that cuts like knives. Like that ship, she must abandon all her cargo to stay afloat, throw everything overboard into the sea, every possession of earthly value, in hope of reaching home.

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Adventure , Ethnic , Horror , Occult , Regional
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