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Izunna Okafor


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Published by Pona Printing and publishers, Nnewi Anambra State.
Ikem's Adventure is an interesting novel written by Izunna I. Okafor, a Young Nigerian Writer who hails from Ebenator in Nnewi South Local Government Area of Anambra State.This is a story of a boy calledrnIkem who was the only child ofrnhis indigent parents Mr. and Mrs.rnObiekee in a village calledrnUmueke.rnAfter the mystreous death of hisrnparents, the villains startedrnoppressing him and finding arnway to obliterate him from thernsurface of the earth so that theyrncould extort and claim hisrnfather's huge piece of landrnbecause he had no one to speakrnfor him. Since they couldn't findrnany unsuspicious way ofrnaccomplishiping their evil goalrnand ambition, they conspiredrnand ostracized him out of thernland. But before Ikem left thernland of Umueke, he tearfullyrnpicked up some sand from thernground and placed an irevokablerncurse against the land and thernpeople of Umueke. After that, hernsorrowfully left the land,rnperambulating inside a thick evilrnforest from where he laterrnmiraculously got connected tornGod's favour and was elevated torna prestigeous position of arnprince in another land calledrnUmuobi.rnAfter many decades had passed,rnthe curse that Ikem placed uponrnUmueke and his people startedrnmanifesting. There becamerncalamity and deadly diseases allrnover the land which led torncontinous death of many peoplernof the land and a lot ofrncatastrophic disasters saturatingrnthe entire land. When theyrnconsulted a herbalist to escertainrnthe unknown cause of the badrnomen, the herbalist revealedrneverything to them and cofutedrnthem for expelling an Innocentrnsoul out of the land afterrnpoisonously murdering hisrnparents in order to enviouslyrnclaim his huge land. He assuredrnthem that the curse could not bernrevoked except if the personrnwho placed it came back tornUmueke, picked so sands andrnwhole heartedly revoke it. Thisrnbecame an Awkward situationrnfor the people because the neverrnhoped that Ikem was still alive,rnand therefore that there was nornway the curse could ever berncanceled again. But the herbalistrnfreed their mind from trauma byrntelling them that Ikem was stillrnalive and that he was in the landrnof Umuobi, where he hadrnassumed the post of prince ofrnthe land. Another awkwardrnchallenge facing them becamernhow to confide to, plead andrnpersuade him to come back andrnforgive to emancipate them.rnRead out and see Ikem'srnreactions to that and whatrneventually happendrnTo get the button of the story,rncontact the author for supply via:rn08163938812, Email:rnizunnaokafor70@gmail.com
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