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David Ramati

A Destiny of Memories Fire and Rain Book One

Published by BLACK ROSE WRITING www.blackrosewriting.com
July 7 2016
ISBN: ISBN: 978‐1‐61296‐718‐9
He was born in the year 1947 was also the same year rnthat Al Capone died, and the year that Jackie rnRobinson made history: Jackie Robinson changed rneverything for black Chicagoans and possibly set the rnstage for the struggle that lay ahead for his people. rnThis was a year before the military integrated, seven rnyears before Brown v. Board of Education, and eight rnyears before Rosa Parks refused to step to the rear of rna Montgomery bus.rnrnJackie Robinson wasn’t just nudging people out of rntheir comfort zones; he was shoving them with both rnhands. Over 46,000 people came to Wrigley Field that rnwarm May day in 1947 to see the Dodgers vs. Cubs rngame. Never before had a black man stepped on a rnChicago field to play big league-ball. Some of his rnDodger teammates initially refused to take the field rnwith him, and among the Cubs as well, there was talk rnof a boycott. But when he took the field for his debut rngame in the Major Leagues, the people clapped and rncheered. The Dodgers won, 4-2. When the game rnended, black Chicago fans climbed on the roof of the rnDodgers’ team bus and leaned into its windows, trying rnto steal one more look at Robinson, the man who rncrossed the line.rnrnHe had served with blacks in Vietnam. Some were rnheroes, othersrnrnwere not, but all lived or died as United States rnMarines, and they were forever his brothers. The rnMarines only recognized one color, Marine Corps rnGreen.rnrnNow, twenty years after Robinson broke the mold, he rnsat in a window seat, still smelling of Vietnam. No rnamount of washings would ever get rid of the faint rnsmell of death, gunpowder, and napalm, which was rnboth a physical and spiritual stench.rnrnThe city below with its sleeping hundreds of rnthousands; a city both unaware and uncaring that yet rnanother Marine was coming back from hell. The “lucky rnones” would return, but unfortunately, the memories ofrnVietnam would stay with them forever.rnrnAs he saw his reflection in the port window, the rnmemories reached out and held him like a jealous rnlover and when everything dissolved into other rnscenes, he closed his eyes and slipped back into the rnfamiliar and brutally beautiful landscapes of Vietnam.
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Autobiography , Bibliography , Military/War
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