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L.A.A. Law

Secrets Of Sanctuary Hospital A Hidden Enclave For Angels, Demons, And Vampires

Secrets Of Sanctuary Hospital A Hidden Enclave For Angels, Demons, And Vampires
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Published by Self
ISBN: 9781301174928
Experience a mystical mystery surrounding an isolated institution run by a family of physicians while escaping into a world of not only warring angels, demons and vampires, but one's own self-doubts and fears. While sifting through hidden clues and double meanings to decipher who is the enemy and discover the key to freeing the entrapped souls which otherwise will separate the two lovers for all eternity, the reader experiences how Mia and Andrew’s own self-doubt is an unrealized enemy, leading them in circles which each must fight to break free from before their love perishes in its wake.rnrnThe following is a short blurb: rnrnEscaping from a life entombing the embers of her waning soul, Mia is cast into the surreal world of warring angels, demons, and vampires. Struggling to unravel the mystery surrounding her rescuing angel inflames the dark forces. Can she unearth the solution to the dark secrets threatening to separate Andrew and Mia forever or will the darkness finally claim the soul it had been hungry for.rnrnIf it may interest you at all - here is the inside cover:rnrnMia Angelis is lost. As the daughter of a successful heart transplant surgeon father and pediatric trauma physician mother, she has been compelled since birth to become a physician. A course, unlike her two successful physician siblings, she never desired to pursue and which is slowly strangling the fading embers of her existence. Freezing at the scene of a fatal multi-victim accident during her first year of residency nearly ends her medical career. rnrnWhile escaping the chains of unending familial disappointment and professional ruins to take a job at a psychiatric teaching hospital with an old mentor in Maine, a near fatal car accident casts Mia into the world of the dead. For the first time, the cinders of Mia’s extinguishing life are ignited as she is thrust into intrigue and the surreal world of warring vampires, angels and demons.rnrnMia’s search for answers regarding her rescuers costs her the life of her twin, and unearths an ancient, indiscernible puzzle imprisoning the elusive family who runs this exclusive and isolated institution.rnrnCan she overcome the personal, professional and demonic adversities threatening to forever isolate her and encase the soul of the one who finally led her home or will his twin brother’s deception end her life, thrusting her soul into the awaiting arms of darkness; ensuring that the encasements holding the souls of her love and his family are forever sealed; keeping them apart for all eternity?rn
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