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Ardara Harris

Foolish Men

Published by Trade Publishers
ISBN: ISBN 0-9647596-0-8
Marcus an apprentice of a man, navigates his way through several phases of his manhood. Trying to understand himself and still sustain some form of dignity, he faces obstacle after obstacle. He never considers the problems start with him, in his eyes these events are occurring due to his lack of naiveness. He constantly makes mistakes;with women, his career, his friends, and more importantly \r\nwith himself. This is a coming of age novel that focuses on Marcus. It details events that men are subjected to, but are not bold enough to talk about. Small Sample Chapter: Everyone needs something, right? Well one of the things men need is exactly what Marcus was in search of. “Tomorrow, I’ll be reaching the age you are never \r\nsupposed to mention. And what have I gotten out of all these \r\nyears? Answer: Not a damn thang.” OK, Okay. I graduated from college, possess a job \r\nthat has an adequate income, and married a beautiful woman. \r\nBut what does that mean for me? On the outside, this shit looks great; yet on the inside, that’s why people are in prison today. I must be the loneliest man ever created. It seems as though people see me as this energetic, witty, and rational kind of guy. Maybe that is what I want them to see, maybe this is what I want t o see myself, when truly I don’t even know. What will make me happy, not just for a little while or \r\neven a few years? I mean infinitely happy. I go from day to night \r\nand night to day again trying to figure out and find this \r\ndynamic riddle. A few years ago, I thought education was the answer, \r\nbut it just made me an accredited ass. Now, I have \r\nthis paper perfectly hung on the wall displaying, “I wasted $80,000 to listen to people, tell me about a bullshit fairytale of \r\ncollege prosperity”. My job didn’t even ask me about any of \r\nthose damn courses. They didn’t even want to see this stupid \r\npaper. Yea, but I was one proud donkey. What a jackass. \r\nNow as I look back, where the hell did I get all that money \r\nevery semester? Man, they had me so sold on the idea of education; I thought it was my religion. I swear Jesus Christ was actually sitting next to me studying for his mid-term. If I wasn’t studying, I was trying to fuck. Really what better way to pass the time and relax your mind simultaneously. \r\n Before my freshman year all I could think about was getting away from my surrounding. College was the best opportunity. Losers go t o the army, think about it, possibly going to war and getting killed or partying. Guess you can tell which one won out. Man, I thought getting away from my environment would be the best thing since condoms. Oh yea, back to getting away.
Confession , Erotica , Ethnic , Humor , Juvenile , Multicultural , New Age , Women's , Young Adult
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