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Tony Franks-Buckley

Hector Hornsmith Diary Entries Preface To The Memoirs of Hector Hornsmith

Hector Hornsmith Diary Entries Preface To The Memoirs of Hector Hornsmith
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Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
21 Sep 2012
ISBN: 1479362689
The History of Pirates in Wallasey has been somewhat over shadowed by the likes of Bristol and of course the Caribbean. Pirates & Smugglers have played a big part in the early history of Wallasey and is known only to the local people of the area. This book will introduce the world to the story of a little suburb called Wallasey. Situated on the banks of the River Mersey, it became one of the biggest smuggling haunts and later became a popular Victorian Seaside Resort in Britain. There have been plenty of rumours of Wallasey's piratical past and its connections with smuggling in the eighteenth century. Many local people know stories of Mother Redcap, and the legendary smugglers? tunnels beneath Wallasey. Mother Redcap?s death, however, is linked with mystery; thousands of pounds worth of privateers? prize money had been entrusted to her care, but after she died it was never seen again. What did happen to Mother Redcap?s treasure? Was it spirited away into the labyrinth of tunnels riddling Wallasey?s bedrock and just exactly how was Wallasey Linked to Pirates and Smugglers. This is the Preface to Hector Hornsmith & The Torment of Tortuga. Hector Hornsmith speaks of his adventures with his good friend Captain John Gray & his Pirate Crew during the late 18th Century. They are the thorn in the side of King George III and his Royal Navy. Hiding out at Mother Redcaps when they are not at sea in the Inn itself and the network of tunnels that run beneath Wallasey. The Background of the main characters are contained in this book and explain just how Captain John Gray and his Pirate Crew found their way into Liverpool Bay and became housed on the shore line of Wallasey in Mother Redcaps Inn. Not all is plain sailing as whilst Captain John Gray is in search of "The Treasure of Treasures" Lord Captain James Vernon a former Slave Merchant now turned Royal Naval Captain, is in hot pursuit of the pirates as ordered by HRH King George III. for several years he has been hot on the tail of Captain John Gray but is yet to succeed but he grows ever closer to making his capture and is certain that he will soon be celebrating in the Kings Court as the man who captured Captain John Gray. These Diary Entries are the preface to the Historical Fiction book that is due out in the near future "Hector Hornsmith & The Torment of Tortuga" and this book also talks of the history behind the true facts of Pirates and Smugglers on the shore line of Wallasey. The hidden tunnels of Wallasey have been brought to life in the adventures with Hector Hornsmith and using true facts, giving the book an interesting twist that will enlighten the reader to just what it was like in the days of Pirates and Smugglers on the shores of Ye Black Rock. Not only is the book set on the Wallasey side of the River Mersey but Liverpool is also included as it was busy trading goods in and out of the port, that attracted smugglers to the area. Liverpool was a small fishing port which became one of the biggest cities in the world and is a well known city for its links to the Trans-Atlantic slave This is the beginning of the adventures with Hector Hornsmith and his travels around the world as a pirate and smuggler in the 18th century, avoiding the deathly pursuits of the British Royal Navy and searching for treasure that will make fortunes for him, Captain Bones and his crew, It all starts at Ye Black Rock.
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Adventure , Fantasy , Historical , Mystery , Regional
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