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Tony Franks-Buckley

The History of Birkenhead & Bidston

The History of Birkenhead & Bidston
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Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
21 Sep 2012
ISBN: 1479362360
At over 170 pages long, this book offers an insight into the areas of Birkenhead & Bidston during the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries using information and plenty of pictures. Situated on the Wirral Peninsula, Birkenhead was a popular area during the British Inudtrial Revolution and has contributed greatly to new innovations and most notibly ship building at Cammell Lairds. Whilst industrialisation was occurring in Birkenhead, nearby Bidston became a popular area with beautiful scenery to offer, it became a luxery area for wealthy merchants and businessmen. Birkenhead is perhaps Wirral's best known area, famed for centuries of maritime trade and commercial activity. The name Birkenhead derives from the Old English 'birchen' which translated into' birch trees on a headland'. This of course refers to the area known today as Woodside which in ancient times was a large piece of land filled with Birch trees that jutted out into the River Mersey. Although today many people consider Birkenhead the centre of Wirral's economy, it is only in recent years that this area has become heavily populated and the hub of Wirral industry. Prior to the 1800's there was very little in Birkenhead to talk about other than the old priory, a ferry house and a sparce population. Birkenhead had a meagre population of 110 people in 1801 suggesting that very little trade or activity went on in this area. Within the short period of 50 years and thanks to some very clever town planners, the population had rocketed to over 8000 residents sparking the boom which transformed Birkenhead to the town we know today. For anybody that is interested in Ships and Ship Building, Birkenhead has been famed for its linkage with the two. From Cammell Lairds to the "Ferry Across the Mersey" Birkenhead has contributed greatly to the British ship building industry. Bidston is a suburb of Birkenhead, on the Wirral Peninsula. In modern days is a mixture of the well-preserved Bidston Village, Bidston Hill, the industrial estate Bidston Moss and a modern housing estate. Not only has Bidston played an important role on the Wirral through Geographical natural beauty. Bidston has also got vast amounts of history of its own. From Bidston Hill to Bidston Hall, the area has played an important part of the History of Wirral and is still today an area that attracts many to visit its beautiful surroundings and buildings.
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History , Transportation , Travel
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