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Tony Franks-Buckley

The History of Wallasey - a Small Suburb with a Large History

The History of Wallasey - a Small Suburb with a Large History
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Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
21 Sep 2012
ISBN: 1479362301
At over 190 pages of information and pictures, this book captures just how important a place Wallasey has been throughout the last 200 years and how there was and still is Tudor, Victorian and Georgian structures and buildings as an important part of Wallasey's Historical Legacy. The book also includes New Brighton, which was a haven for Pirates and Smugglers in the 17th & 18th Centuries and then, became a Seaside Resort for the working class during the 19th & 20th Century and once housed the largest tower in Britain. Wallasey is a Suburb of Wirral opposite Liverpool across the River Mersey. The River Mersey has a rich history and Linkage to Sea Fairing pursuits and Wallasey was seen as the defender and guide into the Liverpool Bay. From as early as the 16th century Wallasey was linked to pirates, smugglers and wreckers who used the beaches of Wallasey to gain wealth through these pursuits. Following the boom of the industrial revolution, Wallasey became home to many merchants and upper class citizens that built and lived in luxurious mansions and created the town of Wallasey as we know it today. The Town is also linked to Sea Disasters Such as The Titanic and Lusitania, with Rememberance memorials situated in Rake Lane Cemetery. Wallasey is the other side of the famous "Ferry Across the Mersey" from Liverpool and was known as the protector with the likes of the Fort Perch Rock installed to Keep guard over Liverpool Bay and the many ships that passed through the waters on a daily basis. Some of the Books Contents: About the Author – A brief biography about me and my historical interests. Introduction to Wallasey – A general introduction to Wallasey that gives an overview of the area. The Red & Yellow Noses – Geographical rocks that have been a long standing feature of Wallasey. The New Brighton Tower & Fairground – A chapter dedicated to the once highest tower in Britain and the fairground that was a main feature of New Brighton from the Victorian era through to the fire in 1969. New Brighton Promenade – A brief overview of the longest promenade in Britain. New Brighton Fort Perch Rock – An overview of the fort that was built as a defence to Liverpool. New Brighton Lighthouse – A brief overview of the light of the River Mersey that guided ships into the bay and help avoid the rocks on the beaches. The Liscard Battery of New Brighton – A brief overview of a munitions factory and storage moved from Liverpool to a more suitable area in New Brighton. Liscard Castle – A brief overview of what was actually not a castle but was one of Wallasey’s Mansions suitably named Liscard Castle due to its features. New Brighton Pier – A brief overview of the New Brighton ferry terminal that also offered entertainment to the public, from 1867 until its destruction in the late 1970s. New Brighton Floral Pavilion – A brief overview of the main theatre on the New Brighton front that is still present today. The Tivoli Theatre – A brief overview of one of the theatre’s situated on the New Brighton front in its heyday. New Brighton Palace – A Brief overview of an iconic building of the New Brighton waterfront that has been a centre point of New Brighton and still is in this present day. Nelsons Gutter – A brief overview of an area that is often forgotten due to its destruction during the Second World War. Wallasey Old Dwellings – A brief overview of old housing in Wallasey which were some of the earliest homes to be built. The Seven Schools of Wallasey – A brief overview of the iconic places of education in Wallasey, one of the places who embraced education at an early age, compared to other areas. There is many places mentioned in this book, much of which still remains in todays era. However lots have also been lost, never to be seen again. Wallasey was and still is a fine example of the popular seaside resort that has been present for well over 200 years.
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History , Travel
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