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my 12 children

my 12 children
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rnrnMy children your loving mother Mariane said to me with her maiden rnvoice.rnbe the mirror at which our children look at lifernlike a goddess she proclaimed to me rnlet your roads be rough and full of strivernthough we wish seek for things and do not find rnmake be contented with struggle well and kindrnwhen thy be on a quest do your best and leave to the almighty the restrnso to you my precious ones i write ,take heedrnbe caring and full of good deed for your elements are rnEarth ,Wind , Water and Firernlet love be your number one and pacesetterrnrnto my children i write :rnrnlet your target be the moon,rndo not give up and fret too soonrnconsider every err as a false startrnfor you will have your place amongst the starsrnrnrnPrimus the uniquernyou strive to be unique,rnit may seem an unfair share is all you seek,rnyou may sometimes be considered as queer,rndo not despair rnmy child ,rnfor your wish and devotionrnto understand the study of life,isrnto help all distressed and in strife rnrnSegunda the worriedrnyour ways my child,kindle every loving heart, rnever ready to sacrifice and let peace reign from a start,rnevery stand made is called a choice rnthis is remembered and called your voicern,but life is not a fantasy, this you will soon learn,rnas other strive and seek to earnrnlive in loving peace with all menrnrn Terzus the ambitiousrndont let your over zealous urge to heard and seen be snag,rnto those who seek know and understand, rnall have a path ,rnall have a say and that is the fact,rnwe are ahead to serve and obeyrnplease my child be cautious, there is always another dayrnrnrnQuartus the concernedrnyou desre to emancipate all present ,rn follow your instints and be eloquentrn take heed whilest you choosernfor all enemies of your friends are automatically considered as rnenemies,rnbut please remember well,an allys folly is better considered as poison rnto the bellyrnrnrnQuintus the waiveringrnyour intense curiosity towards lifes everchanging rhtym,rn and your unconventional methods of making right every seasonrnpoeple around you look up to you,for your patience says not what you rnconquerrnseek to be punctual in all lifes works and please apply a lot of vigor rnrnSextuz the reliablernyour unwaivering confidence and assuring finessrn make all look up to you an query your justnessrn but you are always wary and select rnfrom only things which you consider elitern you consider deepthings and seek to subdue the normal rnbut i remind you my child,not everything under the sky is summalrnrnrnSeptimuz the over-zealousrnthe flare in your attitude and your desires to be adoredrnlead to vain pursuits only fit to be scorned by lordsrnyou are .that you arerni know,seek to be more than a mascaradernrnOctimuz the consideraternyou meditate silently towards all your actionsrn and wait in line for you seek to sanctionrnheed me ,dont wait too long as a pace has been setrn and you will be left in a place full of debtrnrnrnNunu the schemerrnyour farous and sometimes devious schemes are a part you,rnbe reassured there is more to life winning and blues,rnbeing oneself is better than trying to be everybody eslernlook ahead,my child, be yourselfrnrnDecimus the proudrni ponder at your stubborn and unrelentling attitude,rnwinning is not everything my child, rnbe careful what you wish for ,dont let pride be your guide,rnfor it might just be granted you,rnand leave all vanity of your choice to darkness and to yourn rnrnOnzimuz the demanderrnyour particular obssesive aims, make others fret at your proposals,rnyour reactions are sometimes queer at refusalsrn for you the sky is not the limit ,rnand you settle for nothing but the summitrnrnrnDouzimuz the elaboraternyou keep your head up high,rnyou pursue excellence,look at the skyrnyou seek to be my favourite,but i love you all in the same manner,rnlook a blacksmith , iron and a hammerrn
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