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Madlein Khbeiss

Like a Princess

Like a Princess
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\r\nI am a twenty-year-old girl. I have a lovely family; two brothers with no sisters. My mum is like my sister and friend. I spend most of my time with her; gossiping, teasing each other and doing house works.\r\nWe are not rich people but not poor, you can say we have fine financial states. Each day, when I go to university, I kiss my mum and I kiss the mirror then say \'\'Thanks God for everything!\'\'. But 7 months ago, I woke up in the morning and once I opened my eyes, I smiled then I got up and got dressed then walked quickly to the car that gives me a ride to my university. My dad gets always worried about me, because I am his only daughter, so he asked a man for taking me to my university. In that day, I left my home and got into the car and went ahead to Amman. On the way, I was looking at people, drivers, streets, trees and billboards which fill all the streets…\r\nThe time was running so fast, but in that day, and when our car stopped at a traffic light, the time went by slowly because of that little kid; He\'s green eyed with blonde hair and he\'s nicely fat... He has only one arm… I could not get his image out of my mind... how a little kid with one arm is selling Fine and gum at the traffic light… The green light lightened and the car moved, and it was the first time that I see such a strange sight in the street and I couldn\'t take a look back… \r\nI kept thinking of that sight till I reached the university… The car stopped but its door didn\'t open, I tried several times but it didn\'t open. The \"royal\" driver got out of the car and opened the door to me. He\'s a common man but the thing that makes him \"royal\" is the way he dressed and the way he opened the door to me while I was sitting at the backseat. In that moment, I felt like I am a princess and the red carpet rolled out to me! My colleges were close to the gate of the university, so all of them have seen that…\r\n If I was another girl, I will say: oh it\'s nice to be caught in such a situation! And my colleges will think, because of their mentalities, that I\'m a rich girl… I didn\'t care that much but I felt happy because the situation was funny not anymore… One of my colleges was really silly; she started raining many questions on me \'\'Where do you live?\'\' and \'\'who\'s that driver?\'\' \'\'Is he working under your father\'s authority?\'\' Her silly thinking teased me a lot but I kept silent and she stayed asking \'\'Do you have a servant-maid?\'\' I answered her honestly, but maybe the truth was so shocking and she associated that situation with my truth and she started to build up her imagination. I got fed up with her so I left her thinking as she wants! I waited for the car to give me a ride back to my home and when I reached home, the car stopped, and the driver stayed in the car waiting for me to get out of it, but the same problem happened with me… the door didn\'t open. I waited for him to open the door like what happened in the morning but he didn\'t do that, he opened the window to me instead of the door in order to get my hand out of the window and to open it by myself. In this moment, I knew that he felt ashamed in the morning when he opened the door in front of many girls, and the thing that teased him more is my smiley face. So maybe he decided to give me unforgettable lesson, but honestly, it was a funny lesson, because it\'s not one of my traits to have a superior look…\r\nOn the next day, I decided not to go to the university because there were no actual lectures, as it was the beginning of the semester. My cousin came to visit me and she started begging me to go shopping with her. I agreed and we went to Amman Mall. We bought many things such as clothes, perfumes and some ice cream. On the way back, I saw that kid again. My heart became beating so fast and my eyes got watery. \'\'What\'s up girl?\'\' my cousin asked. \'\'Look at this unfair life… Look at us, we are shopping and making fun of people and this kid is selling even at this late time!\'\'. \'\'You\'re right, lets buy some gum from him and give him extra money\'\' My cousin said. We went there and got close to the kid. \'\'Hello! How much do these gums cost?\'\' I asked. He said \'\'10 piasters\'\' my cousin gave him one Jordan dinar and I also gave him another dinar. The smile was drawn on the kid\'s lips and he ran away to an old house. \'\'Let\'s go home, now they will get worried about us\'\' my cousin asked.\r\n \'\'Who will go home?\'\' I asked. I grabbed her hand and followed the boy. She asked \'\'Where are you going?\'\' \'\'Hush!!!\'\' I said. I was so afraid because it will seem kind of sniffing. I knocked the door; it was a shabby and rusty door. No one opened \'\'Let\'s go and come at early time. Maybe they are sleeping now\'\' my cousin said. \'\'The kid has just come in. I just want to ask them if they need any help.\'\' I said. My cousin got bored and knocked the door in a noisy way.\'\' a hoarse voice answered \'\'Who\'s it?\'\' in that moment, I felt that it\'s a shameful thing to put myself in others\' matters. An old lady opened the door, \'\'Who are you girls?\'\' she asked. \'\'We have just seen your cute kid\'\' I replied. \'\'Hmmm, come in girls\'\' the woman said. We came in with our melting ice cream. \'\'There is no good place to sit here and moreover there is nothing to offer\'\' she said with an anguished tone \'\'Actually, I have seen your kid for two times and the second time when I knew the place he dwells, I couldn\'t go home without asking about his life or help him in some way\'\' I said. The woman was looking down and she didn\'t rise up her head \'\'this cute kid was suffering from an allergy on his left hand. At the beginning, I didn\'t care because I thought it\'s a seasonal allergy or I didn\'t care because there was no money to consult a doctor. His arm got black day after day while I didn\'t notice because he was hiding it with his sleeve … …. .. .. . I went to a public hospital and they decided to cut it ……………….\'\' \r\nShe said with an anguished and gloomy tone.\r\n\'\'Oh, oh we are sorry for hearing that, we didn\'t mean to annoy you ….\'\' I said \r\nNo, honey I need to get this out off my chest it\'s a long time to tell anybody about my tensions\'\' The woman said. \r\n\'\'I know that my question will bother you more but why does he work…? I mean he\'s too young to work why his brothers or sisters don\'t work instead of him\'\' I asked \r\n\'\'I\'m a worker at Fine Factory, and this is not enough to spend on a whole family which has a university student\'\' the woman replied.\r\n \'\'University student!\'\' I and my cousin replied amazingly. \r\n\'\'Yes, and deeply sorry she never feels with me. She only cares for chasing fashion …… and …\'\' The woman said.\r\n\'\'Ohhh …Keep gossiping! Why you kept silent?\'\' a girl said that while she is in the next room.\r\n\'\'Come here! I am not gossiping. We have guests now there\'s no need to show them your impoliteness\'\' the woman said with an angry tone. \r\n\'\'Yeah, I am coming and I\'m saying the truth\'\' the girl said.\r\n\'\'Madlien!!!\'\' the girl shouted.\r\nI was so shocked I stayed silent and I couldn\'t say a word not because I know her but because of the way that she treats her mother.\r\nA storm of silence owned the place. \r\n\"How are you?\'\' \r\nI asked Nisreen\r\n\'\'I am fine, I came here to visit and help my uncle\'s house\'\' Nisreen said \r\nThe woman\'s face got changed. I looked at the woman; I waited for her to say anything because I get confused of why she or her mum was lying.\r\nThe mom stood up and shouted \'\'Tell them that I\'m your mum why do you feel ashamed of the one who gave you birth why did you forget the one who was staying up at night in order to check whether you have a fever or not why did you forget the one who always works to teach and feeds you and your brother why…? Tell me why…? I got tired of your way of living…. now you came and denied me and denied the house that you have dwelled for 20 years…\'\' Nisreen cried loudly \'\'Leave me alone\'\'. \r\nI got close to her and said \'\'Why all that. I don\'t want to know your details but why did you say that she is not your mum and how\'s that? I think she doesn\'t deserve what you have done!\'\' \r\n\"I know that you feel ashamed of your life but tell me do you think we evaluate the people if they have money or not. We can\'t do that because money will be vanished and what will stay is your manner… Could you tell me, how could your heart do that with your mum? At the end of this life, all of us will be judged for our deeds, now please get up and stop crying and give a forehead kiss for your mum.\'\'\r\nThe woman and her daughter hugged each other tightly \'\'am so sorry mum\'\' Nisreen said. \r\n\'\'Don\'t worry. All What I want is to make to your little brother the operation and to keep him staying at home.\'\' The woman said.\r\n\'\'Dear, I can lend you a help hand but you have to go with me to my aunt. She has a very good position so he can stay at the hospital and make the operation freely.\'\' I said.\r\n\'\'Oh, my girl ……. \'\' The woman said.\r\n\'\'Ah, no need to tears, he\'ll be okay\'\' I said.\r\n\'\'Our great God sent you to us; Thanks God …I always know that someday our problem will be solved\'\' the woman said. \r\n\'\'Thanks God \'\' I said.\r\nI got close to the girl and talked to her alone and I told her \'\'am not going to tell anybody about what happened. Not because it\'s shameful to be said for, but just because it seems that it is annoying you\'\' I said.\r\n\'\'It\'s okay; the most important thing is to be your friend... because you proved to me that you are such a good girl.\'\' Nisreen said.\r\nMy cousin was silent all the time then she suddenly shouted \'\' I want to wash my icy hands\'\' \r\nAll of us laughed loudly and then we left the house hoping to help them.\r\nAfter 3 months, the boy had the operation successfully and I was so happy because the boy got two arms like other children. That was the first time that I did such a thing. I and Nisreen became friends now. Her thinking became positive especially after she knew that the time that she saw me getting out of the car like princess was because the door didn\'t open with me. I didn\'t tell her this situation before because she wasn\'t my friend but now she's...
Short Story
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