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Christina Capion

The Archangel

The Archangel
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Published by JustFiction Edition
ISBN: 978-3-8454-4772-8
Chapter 1:rnrnrn”No, No, No! You’re doing it wrong," the General yelled for the twentieth time, he sounded exasperated. Essaya stood in the background giggling at the new recruits.rnrn“They are hopeless!" the general sighed, while he shook his head.rnrnGeneral Teo had two months to train the new recruits, to get the ready for an expedition to a new land that had been discovered by scouts at sea. Essayas father King Duncan had ordered that every man who was able to fight should join the expedition.rnrnThe King had ordered Essaya to lead this mission, but she couldn’t bring any already trained men, because they needed to protect the castle. There had been threats made open to the king. From a distant village so the king would need all the trained men to protect the kingdom while the expedition was away.rnrn"Problems, General?” She asked.rnrn rnrn“They are hopeless, none of them has the slightest idea how to fight with a sword, some of them can work the lance but it isn’t much. What was your father thinking?” the general replied.rnrnEssaya was the king's daughter, and since she was a little girl she had been more interested in learning how to fight. She was a master swordsman, and a brilliant archer. All this and her strategic knowledge made her a dangerous opponent on the battlefield and a good commander to her troops.rnrn“I think, he was considering exploring the new land the scouts had found," she said her voice teasing.rnrnBut she saw the problem. The new recruits had been in camp for two whole weeks and hadn’t even grasped basic sword fighting. She knew it took years of training to be a good solider, and a lifetime of practice to become a master swordsman, but basic sword fighting skills were not hard to learn.rnrn“The sword is a hand to hand combat weapon, not a throwing knife,” She yelled as a sword came flying by (beaten out of the hand of one of the men) almost hitting her.rnrn“You weren’t much better yourself when I taught you how to fight,” Teo said with a hint of fatherly love in his voice.rnrn rnrnTeo didn’t understand why King Duncan sent his only daughter on this expedition, she was his only heir and one of the best commanders he had. The land was new, and no one knew what dangers lay ahead, he would get the recruits ready, one mistake could cots Essaya her life.rnrn“Teo, it’s almost dawn let them go and get some rest,” Essaya said softly.rnrnThe general bowed before her, turned to the troops and yelled, “Okay recruits, it is enough for today. Get back to your barracks and get some sleep.”rnrnThe men looked at him dumbfounded.rnrn“Now,” Essaya yelled, “and make sure you get your rest, you’re going to need it,” she continued, in a threatening voice.rnrn rnrnThe men ran to the armory to drop their weapons, and continued to their barracks.rnrnFor some reason her people couldn’t live in the sunlight. They had to live and work under the wing of the night and the moon. When she was little girl her father had told her stories of people who had turned into banshees and other creatures, in the sunlight. Some had even burned up, she didn’t want take the chance.rnrnShe saw a shimmer of light on the horizon and said.rnrn“All right Teo let’s get inside before we burn up or something,” She giggled nervously.rnrn“You go, I just need a minute,” he answered.rnrnShe nodded and turned around and walked towards castle, she was thinking of the possibility of a victory if the new recruits meet any battle on this expedition if they didn’t improve, when the general’s voice drove the thoughts from her mind.rnrn“Essaya,” he yelled after her, “if you see Alistair would you tell him to wait up for me? I want to talk to him,” he continued.rnrnShe nodded again, and turned to walk up the front steps to the castle. The guards that stood at the top of the stairs opened the heavy black front doors for her so she could get in.rnrn rnrn rnrnThe first sun rays had already sneaked inside the castle and revealed all the dust.rnrn“The maids should do the cleaning better,” Essaya mumbled to herself.rnrnWhile mumbling to herself, she headed up to the soldiers' quarters. It was there the trained guards and soldiers slept and enjoyed themselves while have some time off.rnrnTeos son Alistair was a soldier like his father. They lived in the soldier’s quarters in the castle. When Teos wife died, the king had asked Teo to come to castle and be his general and lead his army. At first Teo had refused, he had his son Alistair to look after and he couldn’t leave him. The king had then extended the offer to include Alistair; he could come, go to school and train alongside his own daughter, and be just like family. It had been kind of a competition between Essaya and Alistair, who had the better marks, and who had the best skill. Now they were grown up and Alistair had his job at the guard, and Essaya had her royal duties to perform, but they still saw each other from time to time.rnrn rnrnEssaya turned right and walked towards the door at the end of the corridor. She knocked but she heard no answer. She knocked again.rnrn“Alistair? Are you awake?” She asked when she had knocked the third time.rnrnNormally she would have knocked on the door as if she were trying to break it down, and yelled and screamed till she had awoken the entire castle, but for some reason she didn’t want to wake him if he slept. She turned and walked towards the end of the corridor, and had barely reached the end when the door was flung open and a confused Alistair came running through it.rnrnEssaya turned right and walked towards the door at the end of the corridor. She knocked but she heard no answer. She knocked again.rnrn rnrn“Where are they? Who are we fighting?” Alistair yelled sleepily still trying to put his amour on right. When he realized it was just Essaya he dropped the amour and looked perplexed back at her.rnrn“Your father told me to tell you to wait up for him. He needs to talk to you about something, I don’t know what,” she said. She saw he was looking doubtfully at her and straightened herself.rnrn“Do you doubt me? Did you think there was any other reason I came?” She asked with narrowed eyes.rnrn“Well… well I… well I thought I might be late for breakfast, I guess I’m not so,” he stuttered looking sheepishly.rnrnThey looked at each other for a moment. “Well I’d better head to bed,” Essaya said looking down at her feet.rnrn“Yeah goodnight,” Alistair said and turned and walked back in the room. Essaya turned and walked back toward the royal chambers.rnrn rnrnBut before she could get any sleep she had some paperwork. Because men were less likely to want to train with a woman, the general had offered to do that instead. Because of the training of hundreds of new recruits he wouldn’t have time to write the daily reports on the new men. Essaya had offered to write them because it was her that had to lead them, and if she couldn’t train them she needed to know as much about their strengths and weaknesses as possible.rnrnWhen she got to the study she saw the door was ajar and that there was light streaming out from the room. She pushed the door open and walked through it.rnrn“Oh, sorry my lady, I wanted to surprise you,” a small voice said.rnrnEssaya looked behind the door. There stood a young woman; she wore a purple dress and a dirty apron. She was small had a heart shaped face, golden blonde hair and deep blue eyes. She looked tired but at the same time excited and happy that Essaya seemed to like what she had done. In her hands she was holding a plate of sweet snacks and a mug of urban tea.rnrn“Kaya, have you been taking care of me every night for the past two weeks?” Essaya asked her voice was full of thanks.rnrn rnrnKaya nodded and looked down into the floor. She had been told by the other maids that you never looked the princess in the eye, and to bow your head in respect every time she was in the same room as Essaya. She started towards the desk to put the snacks and the tea down but she tripped in the rug and was caught by Essaya. She straitened Kaya up and took the plat and the mug and put it on the table. Kaya was a beautiful girl and she was so happy that she had saved her from one of the soldiers, when they had raided there village. Kaya had been a small girl back then and Essaya had taken her in and adopted her like a sister. She looked back at Kaya and waived her to her. She took Kaya head between her hands and kissed her on the forehead.rnrn“Take a piece and go to bed you need your rest.” She pointed to the plate with snacks and smiled at Kaya.rnrn rnrnKaya took the smallest piece and bowed and walked out of the room closing the door after her. The room was small and it had no windows, there was a small fireplace were a small fire was burning heating up the room, “Kaya must have set that,” she thought and walked to the oak desk in the middle of the room facing the fire. The lit oil lamp that stood on it had been cleaned from the night before so the light traveled more effectively. She sat down and started to work.rnrn rnrn rnrnAfter a couple of hours she was finally done, she stacked the papers neatly in a draw and turned off the lamp. Her room was right next to the study, so she didn’t have far to go. When she came into her room she walked straight toward the big gilded mirror that stood against the wall farthest away from the door.rnrnHer bright green eyes looked back at her from the mirror, her long chestnut brown hair were tightly braided so it wouldn’t get in the way when she was fighting. The armor she was wearing was hiding her long and slender body. She was muscular but not in a butch sort of way, it was very beautiful. You could see she was a strong woman, but it still looked feminine. She started to remove her armor; she stared at the Dragon that had been forged on the black metal in red gold. When the armor was removed she laid it carefully in the big wooden crate that stood at the end of the bed. The nightgown that hung in her closet were embroidered with gold and read thread in a pattern that was both complex and simple at the same time.rnrnShe had put on a dressing-gown and was combing out her hair when a she heard a knock on the door.rnrn“It’s open,” she said not taking her eyes of the mirror, where she could see the door.rnrnThe door was opened and she could see Alistair step into the room.rnrn“Yes Alistair,” she said and turned around. Her hair hung gracefully with little curls in it from the braid.rnrn“I was wondering if you had a minute before you,” he said and stopped when he saw Essaya with her hair out and in a dress no lees, he hadn’t seen that since they were kids.rnrn“I do have a minute, what can I do for you?” She asked and walked the chair that stood next to the fireplace and sat down. She pointed to the chair opposite her, for him to take a seat.rnrnShe looked into his blue eyes and gasped; she had never seen or noticed that his eyes were violet in the firelight.rnrn“What?” He asked looking over his shoulder, to see what had made her gasp. “Is something wrong?” He asked again.rnrn“No everything is fine, I just never noticed your eyes,” she said blushing, a little. “They’re violet in the firelight,” she continued, still holding his eye.rnrnHe tussled his dark-blonde hair “Yeah, it's kind of embarrassing,” he said smiling sheepishly. He was a tall man, and very muscular, the plait-armor he was still wearing bore the same dragon that hers did. The uniform looked good on him she had never really noticed it before. A knot formed in her stomach. She took a deep breath and looked away.rnrn“I ehm I Just wanted. Ehem,” he started. She followed his gaze and saw that her robe had slipped. Her nightgown was see-through and the robe had slipped right around her breast.rnrn“Can this possibly wait until tomorrow Alistair? I’m really tired and I need some sleep,” she said turned around and took of the robe revealing the outline of her naked body.rnrnShe looked over her shoulder and saw Alistair gawking at her she gave a little smile and said, “Goodnight Alistair."rnrnHe shook his head, looked her in the eye for a second, turned around and walked out the door closing it behind him. She lay down under her cowers and thought 'finally'. She sighed and fell asleep.rn
Adventure , Fantasy
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