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Richard Trevae


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Published by Charles River Press
May 29, 2011
ISBN: 978-1936185399
Trevae/The ISRAELI BETRAYAL 409 word SynopsisrnrnrnrnA unique ore discovered in mining operations at Elko Montana near the Canadian border holds extraordinary promise in weaponry and energy. Oil economies scramble to slow or halt the energy discovery if they cannot own it. Energy poor countries step forward, modifying their international posture to gain licensing to the green source of power.rnrnDetermined operatives from the clandestine hidden government, “KCG”, supported by Israel and Japan stole the raw ore and rushed through research to assemble a new custom fusion bomb. Weeks later the KCG, through Israeli co-conspirators perfects a breakthrough in the stolen technology and destroys an Iranian weapons facility. Days later, U.S. firm Enertek, is feverishly working to understand if the ore catalyzes slow fusion when a sudden explosion destroys labs just as critical reaction data is downloaded to servers. The Iranians are furious suspecting western involvement in their destroyed weapons plant, yet the world sees the blast as a careless mistake.rnrnThey hire contract–assassin Hasid Khamal to uncover and kill the attackers. The KCG launches its own operatives to recover the Enertek explosion data files and foil U.S. efforts to develop the unique technology. Energy Secretary Kosko asks Jameson Dalton Crusoe to take control of the Elko discovery. With the assassin Khamal and the KCG out to stop Dalton he becomes the guardian of an emerging technology that emboldens a powerful shadow government consortium to destroy avowed enemies and alter the balance of power in the world. The KCG has enormous access to technology, funds, international connections, military forces and all under an impenetrable screen of privacy. The initial bomb success in Jefrah Iran emboldens KCG member Dr. Eli Weiss, to create additional custom bombs and eliminate Israel’s and Japan’s vowed enemies...and also destroy the U.S. ore supply.rnrnDalton becomes the President’s point man to secure the technology, stop the KCG and lead a covert special military unit into Israel. His bold plan, co-ops the Israeli command center and then moves to North Korea on the complex mission. Dalton compromises the KCG, saves the Elko mine from devastation and secretly orchestrates a second planned bomb attack on a new North Korean weapons complex. rnrnTaking a much needed rest in the Caribbean with Carolyn, his love interest, Dalton is nearly killed in a surprise attack by Khamal. Returning home from the secret mission amid high praise from the President, he asks Dalton to manage world deployment of the fusion technology. He struggles with the decision.rnrnrn
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Adventure , Contemporary , Historical , Mystery , Romance , Suspense
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