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S P Mount

Prickly Scots Pt I

Prickly Scots Pt I
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A fantastical tale set within the realistic context of everyday life in \\r\\nScotland, Prickly Scots delivers with rich detail and verisimilitude a \\r\\nstory to get your teeth into. A descriptive epic written in two parts, it \\r\\nis essentially a comedy delivered via the quirkiness of its many main \\r\\ncharacters - human and otherwise. \\r\\n\\r\\nAn irascible plant life, a space faring castle, new breeds of aliens \\r\\nand a motley crew of finely nuanced characters in three time \\r\\nperiods, each with their own agenda, get caught up in the time \\r\\ntravelling, inter-dimensional adventure of one family\\\'s ancient curse. \\r\\n\\r\\nCursed, herself, with a beautiful mind and looks like the south end of \\r\\na northbound horse, Sadie Wallace has lived a long, lonely and \\r\\nbitter life since, as a teenager in 1934, she\\\'d whacked her parents \\r\\nwith an oar on Loch Ness. But over seven decades later, with the \\r\\narrival of an unexplained phenomenon that was shortly followed by \\r\\nan abandoned baby and a peculiar young family coming to live on \\r\\nher family\\\'s estate turned orphanage, it\\\'s not just her memories of \\r\\nher parent\\\'s disappearance that changes beyond all recognition as \\r\\nArchiebald MacGregor grows up. And just what is the nature of the \\r\\nconnection that exists between her and her working class \\r\\nhousekeeper Meg Hume - a woman that the children love but whom \\r\\nSadie only loves to demean at every turn?\\r\\n\\r\\nThe ones actually cursed back in the 16th century by an iniquitous \\r\\nbeing, and with very real consequence, Angus and Morag \\r\\nMacGregor, together with an enigmatic alien named C-Throo, are \\r\\ndoomed to watch Archie die over and over again as he fails to \\r\\ncomplete a series of tasks that must be completed to put an end to \\r\\ntheir own immortal existence once and for all. While integrating into \\r\\nwhatever culture the Blue Phenomenon has chosen for them, they \\r\\nmust closely guard the secret of their true existence and the \\r\\nancestral (now souped up with alien technology) castle run by a \\r\\nsentient and scathing plant life, this time hidden on a small isle.\\r\\n\\r\\nShona Clancy, a bumbling but ambitious news reporter out to prove \\r\\na point to a public who once ridiculed her, is cursed with having to \\r\\nleave her glamorous lifestyle behind to come home to look after her \\r\\nailing and acerbic mother who puts her down and embarrasses her \\r\\nat every turn. But in more ways than one, this might just turn out to \\r\\nbe a blessing in disguise as an old flame, and her erstwhile \\r\\nobsession with the Blue Phenomenon becomes reignited.\\r\\n\\r\\nDolores \\\'Dizzy D\\\' Dingle, cursed by everything under the sun, is a \\r\\ndisaster area; everybody and everything she comes into contact with \\r\\nkind of cursed themselves for simply having encountered this \\r\\nwalking typhoon. A stoner from Canada, Dolores saunters aimlessly \\r\\nand obliviously through life, trying, unsuccessfully, to reclaim her \\r\\nEnglishness. But like her great aunt Sadie, the events that take \\r\\nplace in 1934, long before Dolores was even born, might just \\r\\nchange everything about her reality too. \\r\\nThe entire village of Murkentilloch is sorely cursed for having a \\r\\nterrible hairdresser - Jennyfer \\\'Crocodile Teeth\\\' LeClair. Did the ex-\\r\\nprostitute really do away with her eccentric, over talkative husband \\r\\nHerr Katz, or did he hitch up his lederhosen and do a runner on the \\r\\nnight of the Blue Phenomenon when he finally sobered up and \\r\\nrealised just what a reptile his second wife was?\\r\\n.\\r\\nFollow these, and many other colourful characters, rich and candid \\r\\nin their creation, every one, by entering into the irascible and \\r\\ninimitable world of Prickly Scots - one, where absolutely nothing is \\r\\nfor certain.
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Adventure , Contemporary , Fantasy , General , Historical , Humor , Juvenile , Literary , Mainstream , Mystery , Other , Regional , Suspense , Young Adult
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