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Peter Horn

Experience Leadership in Practice

Experience Leadership in Practice
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Published by MEL, Roskilde University
ISBN: 978-87-992822-1-0
‘Experience leadership’ concerns leadership of the ‘experience economy’ and is of increasingrnimportance in national, regional and global societies. The experience economy is itself growing.rnConsumers increasingly want to experience something – to involve their ‘mind, body, heart and spirit’ –rnirrespective of whether they are shopping, attending a cultural event, taking care of their health orrnpaying taxes. The causes of this phenomenon are multifaceted, but generally consumption nowrninvolves more than merely products, functionality and service; these causes might include our need forrnself-expression, escapism, making sense of things, or ethics and a sense of responsibility, both as arnconsumer and in the workplace.rnHence, experience leadership is not just about ‘selling teddy bears in a new way’, as the company Build-rnA-Bear does brilliantly. It is also a matter of giving your employees shared experiences and a sense ofrnpurpose in their work.rnThe growth in the experience economy is inextricably linked with other global trends and events. Thisrnis not only because experiences are subject to global competition, but also because they are influencedrnby global challenges such as the environment and climate change, the increasing gap between ‘haves’rnand ‘have-nots’, the influence of emergent economies, and the doubling of the Earth’s population fromrn3.5 billion people in 1965 to 7 billion today.rnThe book has been written with assistant professor Jens Friis Jensen and the education's advisory board.
Business , Communications , Community/Public Affairs , Computer Software , Consumer Affairs , Counseling/Career Guidance , Economics , Educational , Entertainment/Games , Film/Cinema/Stage , Health/Medicine , Internet , Labor/Management , Money/Finance , Nature and Environment , Social Sciences , Sociology , Travel
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