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Sally Hassan

Once upon a fairy

Once upon a fairy
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Kai It was spring, warm sun, breezy air with flowers scent, Butterflies flapping their wings, Bees buzzing from flower to flower and from tree to tree. All looked cheerful and happy. Even grasshoppers are hopping more than usual. Kids laughing and running around after the first day of school, making new friends, starting a new year, they all seemed happy. Even geeks and nerds made new friends. But of course, not me. I got to go to the principal’s office on the first day and be blamed for a fight I didn’t start. I was frustrated and annoyed. I stared at a cloudless blue sky letting out a sigh “Why would this year be any different. I should have got used to this by now. It’s been a long time.” My memory rushed back when I was younger, when i used to run back from school holding the front door wide open and yell the same way father does “I’m HOOOOME”. Those words always seemed to make mother smile. Welcoming me with a big warm hug, arms wide open. “ Is dad here?”. So excited, actually skipping. She smiled pointing to the back garden “You know where to find him”. Can hardly wait I escape her embrace and ran for the backdoor . “Hey, it didn’t tell me about school”. “I will, later” promising, as I shut the door behind me. Scanning the yard with my eyes. Spotted. And went into action. Silently sneaking without the sound, just like a tiger.. Target spotted, aimed, now attack. Jumping like an imaginary ninja I drew in my head, attacking a man in meditation position from behind. But no, he was ready and caught me by surprise. One quick move and I was down. Swift and sudden. “Hey! I wasn’t ready”. Father laughed and held me up dusting my shirt “Always be prepared\". standing up “But you did better this time\". Father taught martial arts next to Karate and none of those two was his real job. He actually owns a book store where both my parents worked and which no one could believe that a man with such a smiley face and kind eyes can do such thing as martial arts or any things else involves kicking butt. To me, he was “AWESOME”. Teaching me some “cool moves” was like a treasure. I loved them both. “Awe! It’s that trouble maker, cursed, orphan, weirdo”. A girl exclaimed. “Hush!”, Said another, “don’t let him hear you. We don’t want any trouble”. As they passed me eying me down all along the way. Anger rushed through me. I want to punch something or someone. Once a happy home now shattered with the death of my parents. I started walking aimlessly. I’m sixteen years old now and ever sense the incident I’ve been moving from one foster home to another. They all gave me back to the orphanage saying I’m nothing but trouble. Others just knew about the curse that everyone’s repeating and preferred to avoid me. And I no longer cared what others said about me or how they looked at me. I learn to ignore the whispers and the resentment looks as I walk by. Years passed and I tried to keep going, I pushed hard and through a lot of difficult times. Today I will put an end for all this. I don’t belong here; I had enough, this is the best solution. I’m sure my parents will understand. My hand touched the pocket knife in my jeans. I thought about it so many times, but today I’m ending this. I stood up and shifted my backpack up my shoulder before walking aimlessly. Shaylee “Shaylee, come out from where you are hiding right now”. A frustrated voice yelled echoing around the room. “ I swear if I ever put a hand on you I will…” and the swearing stopped at that point leaving an open-end sentence with lots of potentials. I held back an excited giggle and held my breath. Time to escape. Using a path I traveled between realms, all the way to where the humans lived. A place I was forbidden to go, specially without my parents’ permission, specially without telling someone, and especially if I’m without neither one of my protectors, and of course specially if I’m underage. But the excitement flushed all my worries away. I didn’t let my totally guard down. Now that wasn’t bad for a first time traveler, right. I took a deep breath. First thing first. Checking myself from head to toe repeating what Warren taught me. Disguise, check. Tiara, gone. Wings, hidden. Protecting barrier, on. I’m ready. I took a long deep breath filling my lungs with the scents of spring. “This feels so good”. “How did u get here?”. A voice came from behind and I felt my breath stuck in my throat. “This is bad... this is really bad”. I can hear my heart beats in my ears; I was so scared to move or to run. “Who are you and when did you get here? Just a sec ago I was alone”. I started to turn slowly I’m so dead... officially dead. Fear started to rush through me and my body started shaking. “Please don’t kill me”. Even me voice was shaking. “Hey… what… “, The voice started,” Why would I kill you?”I raised my head and couldn’t help stare “This is a human?”. “Of course I’m a human”. The boy said with a hint of sarcasm.I felt my cheeks blushed and l murmured in a low tone “Did I say that out loud? Oops! “ .“Then who are y…”. “Shaylee… where are you?” A voice I really, really know especially with that furious tone. Without a second thought I grabbed the boy’s arm and hid behind the bushes. “What the hell?”. The boy objected. I pulled him down,” Shhh… be quiet”. “Why?” the boy challenged my silent order. I looked straight into his eyes with a serious look as I said through pressed teeth,” So I won’t turn you into a frog”. He opened his mouth to argue when suddenly someone stepped in front of where we were hiding. I saw him shutting his mouth silently staring with a puzzled look on his face. I turned to see what he was looking at and I almost brushed in laughter, Oh Alvara… you are wearing your bunny slippers out here. Alvara growled with teeth clenched murmuring and pacing away with angry steps, “That little foolish, annoying, trouble maker… “, and the list goes on. I couldn’t hold my giggles any longer.
Young Adult
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