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Fran Lewis

Bertha Speaks Out

Bertha Speaks Out
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Published by xlibris
Authorís bio and summary of bookrnrnrnBertha Speaks Out : ReviewrnA Must Read for Children of All AgesrnrnAll of my life I was told that I had to give in and not argue or rock the rnboat if I disagreed with someone /or if someone did something to me rnthat I did not like. I was especially told never to disagree with family rnmembers even if they were mean to me and threw sand at me or rnmade me feel awful when I could not do something. Everyone rnthought that it would be easier if I just said as the kids do today: rnOkay and Whatever: Not any more. In this book Bertha finds her rnvoice and she lets everyone know that she has had enough and will rnnot take it any more.rnStraight from Bertha:rnEveryone wants to change me. No one wants to accept me for who I rnam or the way I look. I am always too fat, too awkward or just plain rndifferent. Isnít that why the world is so exciting? People are different rnand if everyone looked the same what a boring world it would be. rnWhat makes America and the USA so special is the people. rnEveryone comes from different backgrounds and how great is it to rnlearn about other people and their cultures. rnrn Most people want you to be a carbon copy of someone else. I think rnthey would love to clone one person and turn everyone into that one rnperson so that you would fit their perfect criteria for that they think rnyou and everyone should be. I wonít have it! All this time I thought rnthat I had the problem because I am overweight, not so pretty and rnquite uncoordinated. I donít have the problem everyone else does. rnAll this time I thought that I had to be like the other kids in my school rnor my friends at and family at home. I donít. I am Bertha and I am ME! rnI think I finally got it, or I hope I did.rnrnStay the way you are and donít change yourself for anything. If you rnare a good and kind person and want to be a pilot, hairdresser, rnteacher, secretary or lawyer or run a corporation, - just go for it. rnParents are definitely there to guide you in the right direction and rnhelp you along the way. But, when you grow up you need to do rnsomething that makes you want to get up in the morning and look rnforward to your day. I will say this for my mom: even though I hated rnthe dancing lessons and all the rest- I did love the piano and violin rnand I did win that first chair in the violin section because I decided to rnlet my voice be heard and she finally heard it with some help from rnmy Grandma Katie. She also did something else- At four years old I rnthink in order to convince me to become an educator and not want it rnto seem that she was going to try and control everything I did, she rnconvinced my Aunt Tova to tell me that I should be a teacher like rnher. Now, that was really sneaky- because other than my parents rnand grandparents she was the one person I respected and loved the rnmost. So I guess I can thank her for the 36 years of love and rndevotion I gave to P.S. 78 I would not have missed a day of it. rnrnI taught in the same school for 36 years. I taught every grade from rnfirst through sixth. I taught two grades at a time. I became the reading rnand writing staff developer and the Dean. Each new position brought rnalong with it many new responsibilities. But, one thing never rnchanged: My loyalty and the reason I came to work everyday was for rnmy students and their parents. The teachers in my school were the rnbest and the many supervisors that I had treated their staff with the rnutmost respect. I was proud of where I worked and the job I did every rnsingle day that I was there.rnrnBertha is a determined young lady. She might not be the best athlete rnin the world or the most graceful person. But, she is special in her rnown way. She cares about people and she wants to make sure that rneveryone is treated fairly. In My Name is Bertha she does just that. In rnmy second book Bertha Speaks Out, she will learn to deal with rndifficult situations in Middle School and how to let her voice be rnheard in other situations that children face today.rnrnIn this book, Bertha has to deal with several issues in school and at rnhome:rn1. The Contest: Teacher who would not enter her composition on rnFire Prevention because her aunt was a teacher in the school and rnshe thought she wrote it for her at home and she just copied her rnideas when she wrote it in schoolrn2. Mistakes are for Everyone Except Bertha: Writing tests over if rnshe did not get 100 and the pressure of getting Aís and perfect rnscores on testsrn3. Weight loss boot camprn4. Burning money in the ovenrn5. Last story dedicated to my momrnrnrnBertha is now in Middle School and learns to deal with bullies, being rnover weight and having an aunt as a teacher in her school making it rnhard for her to deal with her sixth grade teacher. Bertha is really rnsmart and has a great sense of humor. She is a positive role model rnfor all children and parents in showing everyone how to deal with rndifficult situations in a positive way. rnrnIn this book the author teaches her readers that it is now physical or rnouter appearance that makes the person, it is the kind acts you rnperform, the smile you give people when you say hello and your rnwillingness to share your time and yourself with others who need to rntalk and just need a friend. These are true stories written about the rnauthor and her life growing up in the Bronx.rn
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