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S P Mount

Oddity - Short Stories

Oddity - Short Stories
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Strange, very, very strange - in fact you could say that these six stories are really quite odd - a collection of diverse stories written in different styles by one author and interspersed by nine short poems - their only common denominating factor, a bizarre sense of humour.rn'A Gastronomic Disaster' and 'Tin to Gold' are both written more in a literary styling, old fashioned perhaps, an author's indulgence, probably, a tendency to digress in parts, but one needs to absorb the words written to fully appreciate the sentiment.  'Colour of Bleak' is written without too much descriptiveness for obvious reasons and the other three (holiday horror) stories are 'sit back and read just for fun stories' - despite the absurd and/or macabre nature of them.rnrnA Gastronomic Disaster.  Hours after lifting off the Earth, an astronaut embarking on a one-way mission to Mars witnesses the total annihilation and subsequent transformation of his planet due to the quantum vacuum having collapsed the sun.rnrnrnEndeared to the world by a quip; stating his intention to spend his life on the red planet writing, joking that the only way he'd ever get published would be by sending his works halfway across the universe, he comes to realise that his debut effort will be the only literature in existence and no one left to judge it.  He therefore decides to fulfil his latent dream of becoming an author by hastily recording the events surrounding the end of the world with artistic prose; describing the devastation and rebirth of the globe as if it were all due to a celestial dinner party held by the gods.rnrnrnWith time running out before he has to retreat to a cryogenic chamber which he must set adrift, the only hope lies in perhaps being discovered by some alien race; Earth's existence, as it once was, depending on it.rnrnrnColour of Bleak.  Jacob had never seen colour before except for hearing about the blue of his eyes and the colour of blood.   Snatched at birth, the day finally comes when he is able to escape the bleak mountain environment he's been brought up in.  But after decades of waiting his timing couldn't have been worse.rnrnrnTin to Gold.  Distracted in writing his memoirs by the inglorious blare of 'Welfare Wednesday', a downtown Vancouver author reflects how he reshuffled the cards of fate to become the successful person he is as opposed to what his life might have been.  Hampered also by a latent revulsion for a severely abused and impoverished childhood in Scotland, he ponders the outrageous travesty that he turned out instead - one written from the perspective of a misplaced suicidal baby in possession of an  arrogant, and not so new, soul. rnrnBy contrast to the three stories above, more literary, the book concludes with three holiday stories, written in a  more sit back and enjoy styling.rnrnrnNasty Old Bitch.  Just for fun, come visit Myrtle Soppingbottom's house at Halloween and find out what she wants her legacy to be.rnrnrnFamily Reunion.  The first of two macabre Christmas stories where a family get together every year at the invitation of their mentally retarded brother.rnrnrnMrs Claus' Christmas Bauble.  Magic really does exist at Christmastime, but everyone likes to speculate about who Santa Claus really is.  What about Mrs Claus, I say, is she a mere mortal not worth writing about?  Find out the truth here as you learn about the magic Christmas bauble. But... careful what you wish for... little girl.
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Adventure , Contemporary , Experimental , Fantasy , General , Horror , Humor , Juvenile , Literary , Mainstream , Mystery , Other , Short Story , Suspense , Young Adult
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