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Faun Pischerke

Operation Southerly Breeze

Operation Southerly Breeze
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Feb. 4, 2011
The book affords an insider’s look at some of the true crimes of the comrades, a Darwinian tale of survival of the ‘meanest’, where assets become liabilities on the spur of the moment and none is spared. The drama unfolds in Bulgaria, a little known European country with about 6000 years of history during the last days of the time forgotten, rigid regime, shortly before the end of the Cold War. The country boasts the dubious distinction of the most loyal of all Soviet allies. This is a miniature backwater replica of the Soviet Union, with ‘clocks frozen in time’ to quote a well-known Bulgarian dissident from the late seventies. The action driven plot culminates to a closure in the first chapter where several protagonists are introduced and the reader gets an idea of the Byzantine ways of doing business in Party circles. Justice bursts in from unexpected corners and in unforeseen ways, and not for the usual reasons either, following the circuitous route of the old ad-age of ‘what goes around comes around.’ Evildoers receive their ultimate punishment from unheralded quarters and from even more despicable characters. The story spins about three decades and takes place in three different regions of the country, each with own unique ambiance. One of the loci is the capital city Sofia and its vicinity where classic and classy buildings co-exist with bland, Stalinesque architecture. In this ancient, yet modern city important government officials communicate with illiterate, colorful Gypsy women and major political decisions are adopted behind a wall of secrecy, shrouded by blatant, and loud, hollow propaganda clichés. Most of the action is implied and directed behind the curtains, sotto voce by a ‘bespectacled tall blond man’ with a friendly disposition. He receives confirmation for his actions by perusing the official, insipid daily ‘Workers’ Action’ and other government-run newspapers. The young man is the invisible mastermind and puppeteer of a wide dragnet cast by the KGB, aiming at weeding out political corruption in Party circles for specific, twisted reasons. In a ‘parallel universe’ and at about the same time, another plot develops in the second major city of Plovdiv and its immediate mountain vicinity, all with rich history playing a vital role for the unfolding events. While the ways and means of the local political ‘tigress’ closely follow in the steps of her highly placed Sofia political patron, she brings some unexpected twists in the fox chase game from her own book and proves to be a cunning and deadly enemy nonetheless. “Nothing personal, business only” is her implied Modus Operandi. The story branches to a small village in the area, a ‘stone’s throw away from the Greek border’ where a young man comes of age in the mythical mountain - the birthplace of Orpheus and Bacchus among others. In this bucolic village, embraced by the majestic mountain, doors are never locked and last names not needed. History violently galloped in eons ago, leaving a painful open wound, then let it to its devices. Later on the same village, with its ancient history rooted in the daily life of its inhabitants, becomes a scene of clashes and renewed mayhem. It is the arena of immense real drama, where honor, dignity and pride collide with brutal contemporary events, forcing serious decisions, repeating ancient history and bringing it to a complete circle. The last subplot develops around the ancient resort city of Varna, on the Black Sea coast ruled by a promiscuous first secretary and his equally unscrupulous, profligate wife. Their despicable deeds are ‘rewarded’ in an unexpected way in the opening chapter of the book with some belated name play and ominous coincidences. Ancient myths and present day celebrations mingle into an explosive muddle of carnality, violence and death, leading to the ultimate demise of the First regional couple. The book is available for comments and browsing in its entirety on the Web at: http://www.authonomy.com/books/31026/operation-southerly-breeze/read-book/#chapter
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Contemporary , Ethnic , Historical , Literary , Regional
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