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Sorin Cerin

Coaxialismul: Coaxiologie , Numerologie ,Neoontologie, Neognoseologie (Romanian Edition) [Paperback]

Coaxialismul: Coaxiologie , Numerologie ,Neoontologie, Neognoseologie (Romanian Edition) [Paperback]
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ISBN: 978-1456346362
In a Schopenhauerian, Nietzschean and Wittgensteinian architectonics of the philosophical ideas, the author states the principles of what he labels as the “coaxialism”: * 1. The only true philosophy is the one accepting that Man does neither know the Truth, and implicitly, nor philosophy, * 2. Man shall never neither know the Absolute Truth nor the Absolute Knowledge, for his entire existence is based on the Illusion of Life, * 3. Any philosophical system or philosopher pretending that he or she speaks the Truth is a liar, * 4. The Coaxialism is, by excellence, a philosophy that does NOT pretend that it speaks the Truth, yet accepting certain applications sustaining the reference of the Illusion of Life to the Truth, * 5. The Essence of the Truth consists in its reflection in the Elements appeared before it, as there are the elements of the Opened Knowledge deriving from the Current Situation, * 6. The Coaxialism accepts the operations with the opposites of the opposites of the Existence, with or without a compulsory reference to such opposites, determining the coaxiology, * 7. Each Antithetical has, to the Infinity, another Antithetical, which is identical to it, * 8. The farther is an Antithetical situated, that is the more opposites are intercalated (between itself and its Antithetical), the more accentuated the similarities, and the less opposites are intercalated between the two Elements, the more accentuated the dissimilarities, * 9. As well as we can conceive Universes without a corresponding substrate into the Existence, we can conceive Knowledge without a corresponding substrate into the essence, that is, without a subject, * 10. The Factor is going to be always the opposite of the infinity to which it would relate as a finite quantity, the same way as the Knowledge relates to the lack of knowledge, and Life, to Death. Within a Coaxial perspective, the Factor shall be an equivalent to God, the Unique Creator, and yet Aleatory in relationship with its worlds 11. Within the Worlds of each Creator, unique and Aleatory Factor are to be reflected all the other Creators, all the unique and Aleatory Factors, as numbers, starting from ONE, that is the Primordial Factor, all the way to the Infinite minus ONE Factors of Creation, all Unique and Aleatory. (p.5-7) Certainly, someone may ask how is such a unitary cuantics going to be sustained? But to rise seriously such a question would mean to miss the point that here we have mathematical metaphors, suggestive models, and not a calculus leading to the Metaphysical Truth (which would at the same time contradict the very coaxiological principles). The bounty of capital letters and underlining in the text speak volumes of the American experience of the author, emphasising as well, with a certain irony, the endeavour to capture meaning, the thirst for absolute, for perfection, for the Truth and for the pure idea, central to all philosophies. Thus, given the following quote, I can at once offer exemplification for the above observation and clarify a column-idea of this intriguing work: “Coaxiology is a philosophy capable of determining in depth the importance of the Factor (…) – which is also a number, I have to note, among other aspects it provided. It is produced by the Essence of an Element of the Matrix Status Quo, or by the Instinct. (…) The Factor is going to be the demiurge who, via his own capacity of consciousness should include in himself always new and newer Elements of the Closed Knowledge, also assessing, though, without knowing them into detail, Elements of the Opened Knowledge. (…) Man is such a Factor despite the fact that he is situated hierarchically much lower in comparison to the Great Creators.” (p.51-2)
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