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franz weinreiss

Never choose a home based business to work from home !

Never choose a home based business to work from home !
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Well, as you may know I work from home. So why I make such a statement??

If you work already from home - or start to consider it - you will have made similar experiences, specially when you start your home based business : your family and friends will not take you / that serious , but they will be kidding all the time or even tell you to look for and do a serious job. In case you do exactly the same job on a payroll of a multinational company you are the top guy , if you do the same from home many people do not take you very serious.

So let us see it a little bit ironic and check the 10 biggest disadvantages our home based business has :

1. You miss the journey to your working place and 2 daily traffic jams with the chance to meet new interesting people ! On your way to your home office you are quick but lonely !

2. You loose the stress of being in time for your 9-5 job and the troubles of being late again. At your home office you are instead forced to choose any working time you like.

3. You miss friendly colleagues and bosses and things like pressuring / mobbing / sexual harassment / hard competition to get promoted and so on. At your home office you just can work effectively and focus on your success , YOUR way only.

4. You loose all your superiors and their great support / experience and their attitude to tell you how and what to do in your job. In your home office you are the boss and YOU decide what to do ; in case you want support your P A R T NE R S / S P ON S O R S will be happy to recommend you - helpful hints only.

5. You loose the possibility to get promoted ( or see colleagues getting promoted) for other reasons than quality of work. At home you do not need such soft skills to get higher income.

6. You loose to be on a monthly payroll with a fixed income like your friends. They know exactly how little they earn and how good their chances for a higher salary soon are. YOU? With your home based business you know that you can earn as much as you want ( no one would be jealous if you double your income), IF you take it as a serious business.

7. You loose the fear that you get fired or loose the job to many several reason within or out of your might. Your home office is like a safe haven ( how boring is that?) as no one will fire you ; but you can fire your principals and choose other coop partners anytime.

8. Compared to a normal job you will loose some part of your right to pay high taxes and so on : most countries support startup entrepreneurs with tax breaks/holidays/benefits and son on. What a shame to benefit from that with a own home based business !

9. Most normal jobs require that you move to the working place and enjoy their great designed , cosy spaces. Working from home means to stay in your own designed and chosen surrounding ; what a disaster !

10. Whatever your job is , there will be always someone telling you what to do and how to do it ; taking care of you. A home based business let you loose this care , because you are self employed and self responsible : how terrible is that?

Did forget something?? You are welcome to let me know more disadvantages! Well, I must admit that I am such a strange person who LIKES all these so called disadvantages . What about you ??

Franz Josef Weinreiss is the owner of  Phildir.com and reviews popular home business ideas and opportunities including a FREE Training Video  and a FREE NEWSLETTER TUTORIAL . Franz's most popular home business recommendation is the Plug-In Profit Site   where you can get your own money-making website setup in 24 hours!  
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