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Benjamin Spaethe

The Egyptian Diamond

The Egyptian Diamond
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Published by PublishAmerica
July 2, 2007
ISBN: 1424179971
"The Egyptian Diamond" has been recently re-written into a more elaborate novel, titled "Library of Kings". Although I consider "Library of Kings" to be a re-write, there are enough differences between the two books to consider "Library of Kings" as a whole new manuscript. The main plot remains the same, but I stretched the story of "The Egyptian Diamond" by adding many new events and situations. For example, there was no mention of a library of scrolls in "The Egyptian Diamond". The actual diamond is not brought to light in "Library of Kings" either. People asked me why I decided to re-write "The Egyptian Diamond". I did so because I was not satisfied with the overall turnout of "The Egyptian Diamond". The publisher left too many grammatical errors in the book. They also set an unrealistic deadline for me to finish "The Egyptian Diamond". Being as it may, the first half of "The Egyptian Diamond" was written in great detail and better dialogue than the second half of the book. This is simply because I needed to meet my deadline for the publisher, so I hussled the back half of the book. With "Library of Kings" being the start of a four-book series, it takes "The Egyptian Diamond" and stretches the plot into three books essentially. So a reader can actually use "The Egyptian Diamond" as a cliffnotes book for the series, if you will.

Here is the synopsis for "The Egyptian Diamond": Jon Weston and his four friends discover a disguised ancient map on the wall in the Great Pyramid. Jon uses this map and makes another discovery that lands him in the history books forever. They discover the artifact that shines light on the deepest mysteries known to mankind. This very artifact unlocks a world of information, which includes tying together the Bible, ancient Egypt, and the planet Mars. Secrets that the ancient world has hidden include an advanced human society that thrived on the Red Planet billions of years ago, long before life on Earth. Jon discovers the bizarre truth about how life began on Earth, when and where the Bible originally took place, and what the Egyptians used to learn such sophisticated techniques in building an empire. The Egyptian Diamond is a mind-baffling book that will keep you wondering and on edge until the end and beyond.

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Adventure , Historical , Mystery , Religious , Romance , Science , Suspense , Young Adult
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