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SK (Sandie) Covey

What to Do when your lemons Turn Out to Be Grapefruit??

What to Do when your lemons Turn Out to Be Grapefruit??
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Published by SK Covey
The hard truth about writing and publishing What to Do when Your Lemons Turn Out to Be Grapefruit? I have always been told if life gives you lemons, then you make lemonade. My lemons turned out to be grapefruits. Now what? Divorce and the humiliation that goes along with it; one party fights so hard to completely destroy the other party. I set out to tell a story. Just an everyday story, nothing special, nothing different from thousands of others on the internet or in bookstores. Wow oh Wow, how can 73 pages of a truth filled account of ones horrible experience bring about such controvesy? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When I started the last nine months of my life, I had no idea what controversy and sometimes anger and evil remarks would be thrown my way. After all, I was only trying to help someone while helping myself regain some of my self respect after the terrible relationship nightmare I had experienced. It was with great motivation I began to tell my story on paper. Believe me, I never intended this little 73 pages of one single part of my life to end up all over the world. But as it happened, I embraced the thought and felt maybe a higher being was leading me to some place he intended me to be. As we all can attest, just because one can use spell check, or type and express oneself, does not mean you can write as a professional. Never did I intend to be viewed or read as such. Having a higher education also does not mean one can be grammatically correct when writing. I surely can not. I did like to write in school and made fairly decent grades on papers. This however, is not the same. As I continued to force myself through the pain and grief of the past three and one half years of hell, I just thought it might be beneficial to someone out there who could be in the same place as I. If your in that place, like me, you would not know the signs and signals to look for when dealing with a displaced personality. It was with great "gusto" I embraced the idea of writing a short story to announce to others in simple everyday tone what indeed events occurred in my life. The betrayal I as well as others have gone through. Sometimes we need to express our wrongs to help move forward into right. Learning how to deal with a liar and a thief is extremely difficult. You literally do it one day at a time, one hour at a time, one minute at a time. My story is just that, my story. True as it is, crazy as it sounds, it is one which resonates all over the world. With 4% of our population being sociopathic, it would be very hard to find someone who has not encountered that grandiose personality style. Not everyone who writes expects to make money or become famous. In fact the odds are against most everyone who just writes for the fun of it, or trying to help others by passing on information. Afterall, we live in the time of the information highway, the internet, so why would we be surprised the writing of most common man, is highly questionable for its format, grammar, spelling, and content. Help me Lord, for I commented the sin of all sins, I expressed myself in everyday terms with everyday language, for everyday people. I do not expect to win the noble prize or receive a check in the mail for royalties in the amount of a million dollars. The fact is, if I make $500 I would be happy. So why do people get so up in arms about 73 small pages of grammatically incorrect, poor content, spelling errors, and the main one, questioning the ability of the editor of the crazy company that published this work. Well, I fell into the publishers web. Like other non professional hobby writers (that's what my x husbands attorney called me) I trusted them to know what editing meant and needed to be done. Pricing also. They did not ask my opinion about pricing a book 3 times higher than it should be, nor did they ask my opinion on anything. Clearly, working outside of my comfort zone, I left matters in the wrong hands. Does that make me a bad person or a someone ignorant? I think not. Living my life in a very honest sincere fashion expecting others around me to do the same has only opened me up for criticism. Can one expect to write for entertainment and not be judged? I guess not. Entertainment must insinuate professionals. Only professionals must be allowed to write or express themselves for pleasure or therapy. Recently, I read an article which states if you keep the mind active you are less likely to have Alzheimer's in older age. The two things described in the article that were of the biggest preventive measure for this horrible disease were; reading and writing. So where is the grapefruit you ask? Well, the divorce from the predator, has in itself taken on its own life. Much larger than a lemon so I suggest it is a grapefruit. Do I now make grapefruit juice? I'm at a loss. His attorney wants to destroy me as well, and the funny thing, people, I got nothing. With the economy my career path has dried up. The book path, never took off, where do we go? Recovery is a journey. But when one tries to recover from the death of a sibling, divorce, and the slow horrible dying of a loved one in the final stages of Alzheimer disease, nothing makes any sense. I say to you, please do not purchase my small 73 page short story, glossed over by one publishing company known for publishing anything and everything that is thrown their way. If you expect it to be written by someone like O'Reilly, Clayton Bye, Nancy Grace,a PHD, or anyone else who not only has the big publishing company behind them making sure all is perfect but has the name to go along with it and the advertising dollars to get the word out, this 73 pages is not that. It was not intended to be that. It is what it is. The intent to expose someone who may cross your path and you just may want to be aware of what to look for. Try as I might to get this predator out of my life and start somewhat a new, he will not go away. On a recent doctor visit, my physician looked me in the eye and stated, A sociopath, will not stop until you are completely destroyed. They stop when you are dead or on the verge of it. Your life as you once knew it is now gone forever. My advice to you is to get as far away from him as possible. Yet, try as I might again and again, he will not go away. It is said in the legal communities that the best defense for defamatory statements or liable is the truth. Therefore, I state without reservation, In The Arms Of A Sociopath, is nothing but the truth so help me God. Read it if you want to know my experience and how I survived his attempts to turn me into him. But please do not read it, or purchase it, or waste your time posting how awful it is and written poorly, and the grammar, etc.; sometimes I think its just him trying to drop the numbers on the game the online bookstores play. I care not! I think its very funny to watch how long the attorney and my x visit and stay on my websites plotting and forging all out war to get me over 73 pages of his actions against me. There will also be two other short story accounts released soon by the same publishing company and I without a doubt expect nothing more than what I was given with In The Arms Of A Sociopath. I recommend highly, you not expect anymore either. And to anyone who is thinking it just may hurt me if that book were stopped, please God do me a favor, put it bed and rest for all, take your number, and get in line as I understand the publisher has his hands full of lawsuits awaiting. Now, my grapefruit, I decided not to make into juice, but cut it in half and put sugar on it and enjoy. To anyone who has purchased my book or will purchase any other books, I appreciate it and I hope you found it in someway helpful and even in some areas funny. I have also decided future writings will appear in mostly this format, blog type writing. Seems the big guys don't expect so much formality. I will continue to do my best.
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