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SK (Sandie) Covey


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Published by SK COVEY
September 13, 2009
Mad As Hell, Not Taking It Anymore!! By SK Covey Rated "PG13" by the Author. Last edited: Sunday, September 13, 2009 Posted: Sunday, September 13, 2009 The Divorce Laws in Louisiana and the unfair advantage given to one party or the other. Time for the old to go out and bring laws in that apply and act more quickly. SEPTEMBER 13, 2009 MAD AS HELL, NOT TAKING IT ANYMORE!!!! The Divorce Laws and Louisiana BY Sandie Covey Editorial/Opinion Submission Anyone who has been involved in a nasty divorce or relationship breakup will relate to this article. I am just an everyday person with just a smidge over high school education but even I can figure out this system is broken and is in desperate need of reform. After fighting to save my life for almost over a year now with what I truly believe to be an individual with anti-social behavior disorders of multiple kinds, I cannot seem to rid my life equitably from him. Try as hard as I might, it seems the only weapon I can form against him is the almighty Truth. Even honesty and truthfulness does not have any effect on the Louisiana Family Justice System. As a native Texan, I met this individual from Bossier City, La. on the internet. He of course presented himself to be everything and anyone except who he really was. He was a dishonest, mean, bully, with anti-social behavior with a history of being a serial batterer in past relationships. His history would give him a criminal record for domestic violence. Just as a chameleon changes his colors to blend in, so does this sociopath. This article will present the short version of the immediate situation. The entire version would take a novel to tell. After meeting and falling in love I awoke one day after several years to find my entire self worth and physical health had been taken over by him. Everything was in his name. After his careful plan was implemented, he set forth to make sure I was completely destroyed. Only in Louisiana can something like this happen. Other countries take individuals like him to jail or worse. This person who will remain nameless walks among you, befriends you, and even may work for you. No one I know can do the things he has done to others and continue walking around claiming to be the victim and/or the hurt party. I speak on behalf of the thousands of those individuals who have lost their lives and everything to one of these Bully’s. The backward laws in Louisiana let couples divorcing settle property issues later. In my case, the crook, after hearing I no longer loved him and had full intent to leave immediately with held all money and refused to provide a way or means for me to leave unless I signed a document he carefully prepared himself; giving him all that was derived from the marriage, giving him all his separate investment property, however, had no exception clauses. In other words, a what if clause? Having a serial history of divorce in Louisiana, he carefully made sure his plan would be executed and delivered in that state. Shortly after the beginning of 2008, we moved from Texas to Louisiana and purchase jointly a marital property. This property was purchased with joint funds mostly from my labor. Mostly we lived on the money I made during the marriage as he saved his investments in his name, all for himself. Upon my leaving on Dec. 1, he agreed by my signing the document he would split with me cash money he had held in a box at the bank. He, is very well known to hold large sums of cash in safety deposit boxes so it cannot be traced or found. In this one box among several he had, there was $85,000. He agreed to split it less outstanding bills and I ended with $41,500. After becoming ill, with no other explanation except from being with him, I was given Social Security Disability in October of 08. My benefits would give me $1,486 per month. After working hard and establishing a thriving business in Texas for over 30 years, all I worked for was gone. I was blessed to make upwards into the six figures and had a super life prior to the predator. After the predator all is gone. Fight him as hard as I might, I cannot win. His latest and greatest episode belongs on horror movie set. Here are the facts, you decide if this is justice for all. Buying a home in North Bossier City, establishing somewhere in the amount of $85,000 in equity, this professional game player and predator took out a Home Equity Line of Credit, in the amount of, $35,000 in October, 2008. No, we did not use it for any repairs or pay bills or anything, it just set there. After telling him I could no longer take his abusive attitudes and actions, he went straight to the bank, opened an account in his name only, moved the entire balance of $35,000 into his named account. Yes, I am responsible and liable for the second as well as the first on the home. In addition, the Professional Divorce Planner, LLC. also established for his business, a line of Business Credit in the amount of $40,000. Checking with the bank, I was told since it was in his name and business, I would not be held responsible for that money. However, as we all can guess, in the state of Louisiana, debt taken out during the marriage becomes joint debt. Even if the debt was taken out 7 days prior to me leaving the marital residence and returning to Texas. Presently, he has somewhere in the neighborhood of $500,000, holdings in investments and cash in boxes. The cash of course was the $35,000 plus the $40,000 and all other monies he has amassed since my leaving. In addition, he has held since Jan. 2009 a check made payable to both of us, in the amount of $8,400 for royalty payment for mineral rights on the marital property. Here’s the changer, he decided in Feb. 2009 to sell the property, and all documents were signed and a Realtor contacted but he would never meet with the Realtor and give access to the property for listing. I have no key, no paperwork, no rights, nothing. He would not sell the property, nor would he give me my half of the mineral rights check, or anything else his carefully prepared document contained. In May of 2009, I contacted the mortgage company to inquire regarding release of me from the liability of the mortgage and was sent forms which all he had to do was sign and it cost zero, took approximately 30 days to complete and the home would have belonged to him. Keeping in mind, the total monthly payment on the property was only….$1,100. To date I find it very sickening he is allowed to destroy my life without so much as a slap on the hand. Mr. C______s W. H_______t, has not made a payment since June 09. Holding more money than is countable, he yet refused to lease or sell a property with yet still around $80,000 in equity. Now this Professional Divorce Planner has completely and totally in one small action, managed to take me from 780 credit scores to 600. Can I ever buy a home? No. Can I buy a car? No. Can I get a cell phone? No. How about your credibility for obtaining a job? No! In order to try and solve this so that he is just away and out of my life, I felt I would be okay and able to reestablish my business and go on with my life, therefore, I gave up the right to ask for or receive Alimony. Carefully trying to cover all my bases I even stopped a Tort Action against him for him knowingly and willingly giving me Herpes during the marriage. All along, he knew he had managed to completely destroy my upcoming life. Easily and Effortless by not paying one simple bill. Money, Money has nothing to do with this. He has plenty of money. It is just blame and simple Evil Doings. This is what he does, inflicts Evil, upon others! I am not his only victim, unfortunately, he is cruising out there now, on the internet and other places, bars, where ever, looking for his next prey. Nothing but Nothing surprises me now. He is willing to give up at least a profit on a property of $50,000 to get EVEN. This guy is in your area, he may be in your living room, you may be meeting him in his favorite motel down on Airline Drive. Be careful. His games, are definitely rated X, in all ways, Sexually, too. I believe I will let the Judge decide this case. Having zero money, looking for a job, now with credit scores of a creep, having no emergency fund, trying to live on $1400 a month and paying for medical and prescription drugs which cost over $500.00 now per month…..needless to say, the $41,500 has reduced itself to less than $10,000. He wants to say I am taking money from the government yet have no illness which dictates such. No Mr. H. I do not have , Lupus but if you need more facts, I do have and will have until I die, diseases which are classified by the judge in my case as being eligible for permanent disability. I no of no one who would live on $1400 a month or less, if in fact they were capable of making six figures and living a grand style. You see, I will return to work and unlike him, not be known by all as a thief and a jerk, Fair and Just? You decide. Context not edited for grammar, format, or spelling, just stated as an opinion.
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